You Can't Stop The Beat

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a.k.a. "One Schwartz day!"

'You Can't Stop The Beat' is the name of the summer concerts performed by the society in churches around York in June 2009. The name is a reference to the song from the musical Hairspray which is the final song in the programme.

Musical director
J. Mark Pim
Koki Imada
Technical director
Michael Houston


First half

Second half


Biggest Wino: Stuart Roberts
Sluttiest: Morven Hamilton
Tearjerker: Lauren Mathews
Heavenliest Voice: Jenny Draper
Wildest Partygoer: J Raphael Richards
Tony & Maria (Cutest Couple): J Mark Pim and Stephen Schwartz
Mazel Tov award for Most Committed: J Mark Pim
Most Edible: Stuart Roberts and his amazing fish tie
Ain't He/ She good?: James Knowles
Red Hills Award: Cecily Blench and her red heels
Has All of us Honeymooning: Lauren Mathews & Morven Hamilton
Happiest at the Misfortune of Others: Megan Bryan
From a Forbidden Planet: Koki Imada
Beatstopper: Jenny Draper

Cast List


Megan Bryan
Lois Cross
Jenny Draper
Alison Foster
Morven Hamilton
Lauren Mathews
Cecily Blench
Danielle Neville
Jackie Smithers
Anna Stephenson
Lucy Pell-Walpole
James Butterworth
Chris Charlton
J Raphael Richards
Stuart Roberts
James Gaughan
Michael Houston
James Knowles

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