The Yeomen of the Guard 1992

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The Yeomen of the Guard was the 20th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 13th-15th February 1992. Tickets were £4 and £3, or £3 and £2 for concessions.

The chair was Christopher Brennan.




Bruce Walton

Musical Director
Chris Bell


Sir Richard Cholmondeley - Christopher Brennan
Colonel Fairfax - Ashley Wilson
Sergeant Meryll - Laurence Cole
Leonard Meryll - Stephen Trowell
Jack Point - Justin Harmer
Wilfred Shadbolt - Simon Mann
The Headsman - David Edwards
1st Yeoman - Simon Coles
2nd Yeoman - John Sheppard
1st Citizen - Nick Cook
2nd Citizen - Paul Atkinson
Elsie Maynard - Miranda Park
Phoebe Meryll - Barbara Logan
Dame Carruthers - Jo Tyszka
Kate - Julie Winkless

Female Citizens
Jan Addison
Liz Allen
Karen Atkinson
Sarah Bacon
Lynne Charnley
Sally Deeming
Caroline Dollings
Christine Eden
Shayleen Hall
Christine Harland
Natalie Hawkes
Helen Hodges
Berry Hopkins
Fleur Ibbitt
Kate Mapp
Jessica Marshall
Karen Melville
Melissa Nicholas
Alison Parrott
Vanessa Potter
Rachel Rankin
Gudrun Richardson
Hilary Richardson
Angela Salisbury
Helen Secker
Bronwen Smith
Eleanor Smith
Rachel Stewart
Sarah Tully
Christina Volkmann
Eleanor Wakely
Beverley Webster
Rain Wormald

Male Citizens
Paul Atkinson
Charles Cantwell
Nick Cook
Jonathan Hassell
Rob Lomax
Jeremy Lowe
Peter Ramsay
Paul Salaman
John Stoneham

Yeomen of the Guard
Doug Baillie
Simon Coles
Don Goodeve
Tim Hallet
Neil Macnab
Duncan Robson
John Sheppard
Matthew Tattersall

Production Crew

Production Manager- David Pumfrey
Ass. Prod. Manager- Deborah Bowers
Lighting Engineer- Martin Atkins
Lighting Assistants- Ian Wallace, Paul Barden
Sound Engineer- Colin Bradford
Sound Assistant- 'Raggy' Barclay
Stage Manager- Deborah Bowers
Ass. Stage Manager- Stephen Daly
Recording Engineer- Ambrose Field
Film Crew- Colin Melia, Alan Murrell
Set Design- David Pumfrey
From an idea by- Bruce Walton, Martin Atkins
Properties- Caroline Dollings
Make-up- Michaela Pittam
Costumes- Rachel Stewart, Beverley Webster
Photography- Andy Finch
Poster Design- Chris Huff
Programme & Publicity- Eleanor Smith, Laurence Cole
Stage Crew- Simon Mann, Liz Allen, Margaret Frisby, Kate Marshall, Richard Guest, John Stoneham, Stephen Daly, Mark Denby, Lynne Charnley, Bruce Walton, Duncan Robson, Caroline Dollings, Jessica Marshall, Stephen Ash, William Frisby,
Front of House- Sarah Bacon, Kanwardepp Kaur Narula, Stephen Ash, Malcolm Evans, Margaret Frisby, Andrew Brown, Neil Stanley
Orchestra- Members of the VanBar ensemble
Repetiteur - Lynda Richardson


President- Michael Green
Vice-President- Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President- Frank Banks

Chairman- Christopher Brennan
Secretary- Jessica Marshall
Treasurer- Simon Mann
Press & Publicity- Eleanor Smith, Laurence Cole
Room Bookings- Miranda Park
Charities- Deborah Bowers
Music- Julie Winkless
Front of House- Sarah Bacon
Costumes- Beverley Webster, Rachel Stewart


Act II Finale

Extended Programme

The Directors

Bruce Walton- Director
Bruce is a graduate of the University of York, and now lives in the city working as a freelance computer skills trainer and book-keeper. He has been involved with every Society production since 1984 and directed our successful 1990 production of "The Pirates of Penzance". He has also directed 'The Marriage of Figaro' and "Die Fledermaus" and has made many appearances over the years as a principal and as a chorus member with various groups in York over the last five years. Rumours of his complete addiction to opera have been greatly exaggerated; he has been known to play bridge, watch cricket and drink beer in odd moments of spare time.

Chris Bell- Musical Director
Chris is currently a Music Student at the University of York. He is also a Songman at York Minster and a former chorister of St. Paul's Cathedral. In York, he conducts the Unversity Glee Club and is a member of the Yorkshire Bach Choir. He has toured extensively in Europe and America with various choirs and has frequently performed on radio and television. In addition to this, his name is credited on the sleeves of a number of gramophone records. Before coming to York, he was Director of Music at Ashdown House School in East Sussex.

Lynda Richardson- Repetiteur
Lynda is one of the Society's junkies and has failed dismally in her attempt to leave her dubious G&S past behind her since graduating from the Music Department two years ago. She now works for British Rail in York, which means we can still benefit from her juggling skills and untiring tinkling on the piano!


Sir Richard Cholmondeley- Christopher Brennan
While the Committee frets, the Cast hesitates, and the Directors pontificate… Christopher just is. Previous stage roles include Captain von Trapp, Emile de Becque, Sky Masterson, Colonel Frank, Frankenstein Jr. In his copious free time, Christopher also masquerades as an extremely busy third-year Econometrician who hails from the same part of the country as our esteemed Treasurer's accent.

Colonel Fairfax- Ashley Wilson
Many members of the cast were too young to speak, let alone sing when Ashley first stepped onto Central Hall stage, as a chorus member in 'Iolanthe' in 1975, and since then has sung in ten major shows with the Society. He hates Gilbert and Sullivan, but the Society refuses to sing anything else. Ashley doesn't sight-read and has never had singing lessons, and his ambition is to sing Laura Branigan's 'Take Me' with actions to the assembly of the General Synod in Central Hall next summer.

Sergeant Meryll- Laurence Cole
Laurence is a second-year English undergraduate who has risen in status from being a lovesick heavy dragoon- who couldn't march very well- in last year's show. His past experience of singing includes a role in Beatrix Potter's 'The Tailor of Gloucester' as both a drunken townsman and a priest, although not at the same time, he assures us.

Leonard Meryll- Stephen Trowell
Stephen claims he does nothing else than music as it is his whole life (except for women and fast jets). He prides himself on having long hair like a cool cucumber and being aesthetically and essentially heroic like his alter ego, Leonard.

Jack Point- Justin Harmer
"Why does one like singing on stage?" said Pooh, in a first-year, Goodricke, English student sort of way.
"Oh yes, it's the tights."
After university, Justin Harmer hopes to seek a career as a professional tights-wearer. (No comment!!)

Wilfred Shadbolt- Simon Mann
Simon is in his second year at the University of York, studying History (or is it wheeler-dealing?). His previous relevant (?) experience ranges from playing Buttons to Count Dracula, but his devotion to rugby has probably been the best preparation for this year's show. (P.S.: Contrary to popular rumour, Simon is having to lower his IQ in order to play Wilfred Shadbolt, NOT raise it!)

The Headsman- David Edwards

1st Yeoman- Simon Coles
Simon is reading music at York, and his musical achievements include playing the recorder in the primary school orchestra and also playing the flute in the school assembly at the age of eight. He also admits to the more recent, and somewhat loftier accomplishments of playing bassoon in a symphony orchestra and playing jazz piano. Nevertheless, he claims that G&S is 'the greatest'; (creep!)

2nd Yeoman- John Sheppard
John began his G&S career in a long pink dress and a blonde wig, playing a bridesmaid in a school production of 'Trial By Jury'. He spent the next twelve years recovering from the embarrassment, before joining the chorus for 'Pirates' and 'Patience'. Now rumoured to be in the final year of a D.Phil in the Electronics Department, he approaches his first solo part in a style influenced mainly by the works of Samuel Smith, Joshua Tetley and William Younger.

1st Citizen- Nick Cook
2nd Citizen- Paul Atkinson

Elsie Maynard- Miranda Park
Miranda has recovered from her aesthetic role as a maiden in 'Patience' and this year has the dubious honour of being informally betrothed, married blind-folded, supposedly widowed and then claimed as the wife of a stranger. A third-year music student, Miranda has appeared in many concerts and dramatic productions.

Phoebe Meryll- Barbara Logan
Barbara is a third-year Politics student from North-West London. Her previous improbably-named G&S incarnations have been Saphir and Kalyba (in 'Patience' and 'Utopia') and her left arm has been spotted waving wildly on 'Crackerjack'. In her spare time, she can be seen skulking at the back of the University Orchestra double basses thus defying her lack of inches and ridding her brain of all those infernal G&S tunes in one fell swoop.

Dame Carruthers- Jo Tyszka
Jo is a second-year postgraduate chemist. Although originally hailing from Middlesborough, she has spent her formative years near Grimsby (which for the record does not smell of fish!). Since joining the society four years ago, she has been involved in 'The Mikado', 'The Pirates of Penzance' and 'Patience'. Once 'Doctored', her ambition is to earn enough money to retire and start a guinea-pig farm.

Kate- Julie Winkless
Julie is a PGCE student from Kirkby Muxloe who has finally realised her ambition to stand near the roof inside Central Hall. Despite the silly har and large hips of this year's costume, she prefers it to that of an aesthetic maiden in 'Patience' because it has arms and a waist. She claims that the accompanying photograph is not flattering and therefore advises the reader to look at someone else's instead!

First Newsletter of the Year

The G&S Society has, during its 18-year history, been devotedly dedicated to loud singing, comic acting, and that bastion of university life- beer. Every year in the Spring Term, we perform a Gilbert & Sullivan musical in the University Central Hall, the offering in 1992 to be:


A Brief Synopsis of 'Yeoman' [sic]:

Colonel Fairfax has been wrongly accused of sorcery and awaits his execution in the Tower of London. Sergeant Meryll- the Senior Yeoman- just happens to owe his life to Fairfax and with daughter Phoebe, son Leonard, a passing jester, the housekeeper Dame Carruthers and various assorted Yeomen, they conspire to free Fairfax and thwart the dastardly Wilfred Shadbolt- the Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor.

For the production, we will need a large male and female chorus, and there are principal parts for the more exhibitionist of you out there.


We meet every Thursday evening at 7pm in Vanbrugh Dining Room, starting on Thursday 10th October, Week 0.


January Newsletter

Dear G&Sers,

There is lots to tell you this time, so read on…
To all members, active and not-so-active:

TICKETS FOR THE FANTASTIC YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (Central Hall, Feb 13th-15th) are now on sale from Simon after rehearsals and from the SU Shop, priced 2-3 pounds for students- definitely worth it! Please tell your friends!

Now the rest of the goings-on:

to all those involved in YEOMEN '92***

a) make sure you have the necessary costume items
b) If you have a sweatshirt (a G&S one, that is) WEAR IT! (FREE PUBLICITY)

c) Meet at Parliament Street Marks and Spencers (Spencers&Marks!) on Saturday at 10am (THIS SATURDAY!) to help distribute YEOMEN posters around town.
d) Meet at M&S again next Saturday (Week 3, 1st Feb) at 11am to distribute leaflets to passers-by.

c) and d) ABOVE ARE COMPULSORY FOR CAST MEMBERS UNLESS THEY HAVE A VERY GOOD EXCUSE!!!!! Neither will take long if lots of people turn up, and they really are a good larf!!!!! Remember, we have to sell lots of tickets this year, and the seats don't fill without a little work from everyone.

e) Remember to keep Saturday and Sunday Week 4 free. On the Saturday we will be rehearsing and on the Sunday we will all be required for the "Get-in" in Central Hall.


after the show is the second most important event in the society's calendar:


At this we vote in the new committee and the show for next year. All posts will be available and anyone wishing to stand should ask the present holder of what the post involves. The people to ask are:
Anyone interested in backstage work should ask Debs for details.
Anyone wishing to stand for musical director or stage director should ask Chris or Bruce for advice and let Chris Brennan know in writing of your intention by Thursday Week 8. The posts are elected jointly by the present and the next committee. Consider standing for something, it's great fun being involved in the organisation!!!

That's all for now folks!

P.S. Don't worry Debs, one fine day you will knock on Duncan (the shoulder)'s door to find him alone!

Highlights of the Shows

'Highlights of the Shows' was performed in Easingwold Parish Church on 1st November, 1991.


Musical Director- Berry Hopkins
Pianist- Helen Secker

Tower Warders, Under Orders- Bruce Walton
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
Then One Of Us Will Be A Queen- Helen Secker, Fleur Ibbitt, Ashley Wilson, Bruce Walton
When All Night Long- Simon Mann
Braid The Raven Hair- Sally Deeming
If You Go In- Simon Coles, Simon Mann, Christopher Brennan
All Hail Great Judge/ The Judge's Song- Mike Nash
Now Wouldn't You Like- Julie Winkless, Beverley Webster
O Sweet Surprise- Miranda Park, Barbara Logan, Ashley Wilson, Bruce Walton
Dance A Cachucha

Eagle High
In A Doleful Train- Beverley Webster, Caroling Dollings, Duncan Robson
Fair Moon- Ashley Wilson
None Shall Part Us- Berry Hopkins, Christopher Brennan
When The Foeman Bears His Steel- John Sheppard, Barbara Logan, Helen Hodges, John Stoneham
Give Me A Ticket To Heaven (Victorian Ballad)- Miranda Park, Barbara Logan
Try We Life-Long- Karen Melville, Vanessa Potter, Simon Coles, John Sheppard, Simon Mann
Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray
Three Little Maids- Eleanor Wakely, Kate Mapp, Liz Allen
Things Are Seldom What They Seem- Barbara Logan, Duncan Robson

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