The Yeomen of the Guard 1983

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The Yeomen Of The Guard was the 11th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 17th-19th February 1983. The Saturday performance was particularly notable, as the MD and Costume Designer had got married the previous morning. Presumably the MD returned to complete his musical duties, and they brought the reception guests with them for the Saturday performance.

The chair was Cathy Linacre.




Paige Newmark

Assistant Director
Alexandros Constantinides

Musical Director
David Keeffe


Sir Richard Cholmondeley - Andrew Mitchell
Colonel Fairfax - Ashley Wilson
Sergeant Meryll - Martyn Craft
Leonard Meryll - Tony Nelson
Jack Point - James Merryweather
Wilfred Shadbolt - Tim Holloway
Elsie Maynard - Lisa Colclough
Phoebe Meryll - Christine Fidler
Dame Carruthers - Saira Todd
Kate - Judith Cunnold

Men's Chorus
Chris Hopkins
Giles Adams
Keith W. Hay
Ian Carruthers
Giles Griffin
John Wall
Mark Baldry
Nick Harris
John Tilling
Mark Stopard
Robin Brown

Women's Chorus
Claire Smith
Hazel Roberts
Kathryn Haddock
Nicki Barlow
Susan Holland
Hazel Whitaker
Janet Williamson
Maxine Squire
Joy Newton
Cathy Linacre
Susie Wyatt
Judi Gibbons
Louise Chilton
Sue Challenger
Linda Foster
Florence Foster
Bridget Hicks
Maggie Johnson
Kathryn Wroe
Rebecca Nicholson
Julie Leydon
Catherine Duke
Johanna Worthen
Lynne Marston
Emma Wakefield
Ann Jones
Sarah Page
Helen Arnall

Yeomen of the Guard
Andy Boon
Andrew Peddie
Nick Kent
Kate Hickman
Catherine Priest
Keiron Root
Sean Hale
Dave Blyth


Assistant Choreographer - Karen Perry
Lighting - David Williams, Andy Barker, Julian Gerry
Lighting Design - Justin Higginson
Stage Manager - Keith Shipman
Sound - Robert Fickling
Front Of House - Alice Boyd, Audry Price
Make-Up - Sarah Broome, Penny Holt, Sean Hale
Ticket Sales - Maggie Johnson
Refreshments - Audry Price
Poster Design - Edmond Thompson
Costume Design - Cathy Priest
Production of costumes - Cathy Priest and team
Scenery building and production - Keith Shipman and team

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