Utopia Ltd. 1991

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Utopia, Ltd was performed on 13th June 1991 in Osbaldwick Church. Tickets were £2.50.



The Musical Director was Chris Bell.

Part I

Act I Finale- HMS Pinafore
Anthem- Chess- Nick Cook
Matchmaker- Fiddler On The Roof- Sally Deeming, Jessa Marshall, Barbara Logan
Old Man River- Showboat- Jeremy Lowe
When The Buds Are Blossoming- Ruddigore
Mad Dogs & Englishmen- Daniel Jenkins
Skylark- Miranda Park, Eleanor Wakely
Smut- Christopher Brennan
Italian Salad- Chris Bell
I Have A Song To Sing, O- Beverley Webster, Bruce Walton
Come All Ye Songsters- Fairy Queen- Ashley Wilson
Geographical Fugue- Julie Winkless, Alison Hulford, Bruce Walton, Chris Bell
Act I Finale- Porgy & Bess- Miranda Park

Part II- Utopia Ltd

King Paramount- Duncan Robson
Scaphio- Chris Brennan
Phantis- Laurence Cole
Tarara- Jeremy Lowe
Princess Zara- Julie Winkless
Princess Nekaya- Miranda Park
Princess Kalyba- Barbara Logan
Lady Sophy- Jessa Marshall
Phylla- Alison Hulford

Lord Dramaleigh- Nick Cook
Captain Fitzbattleaxe- Ashley Wilson
Captain E Corcoran- Mike Nash
Mr Goldbury- Daniel Jenkins
Sir Bailey Barre- Bruce Walton
Mr Blushington- Simon Mann

Pianist- Helen Secker
Stage Director- Bruce Walton

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