Trial By Jury 1993

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Trial By Jury was performed in celebration of the society's 21st anniversary.



The Learned Judge- Kieran Root
The Plaintiff- Julie Winkless
The Defendant- Ashley Wilson
Counsel for the Plaintiff- Jessa Marshall
Usher- Nick Cook
Foreman of the Jury- John Heritage

Ladies of the Chorus- Liz Allen, Debs Bowers, Alice Boyd, Lynne Charnley, Cal Dollings, Catherine Duke, Margaret Frisby, Joy Gulliver, Natalie Hawkes, Alison Henry, Maggie Kent, Cathy Linacre, Tricia Matthews, Charlotte Moodie, Val Sim, Belinda Spaven, Zoe Whitby, Rain Wormald

Gentlemen of the Chorus- Andy Barker, Chris Boot, Ian Carruthers, Robert Clark, Laurence Cole, Stephen Daly, Tim Hallett, Jonathan Hassell, Nick Kent, Simon Mann, Graham Rogers, Nigel Roles, Matt Tattersall, Ian Wesley, Ian Weston

Musical Director- Sarah Baxter
Stage Director- Hugh Sorrill
Accompanist- Berry Hopkins
Costumes- Cal Dollings, Rain Wormald
Stage Crew- Steve Bignell, Stephen Daly, Cal Dollings, Eleanor Wakely, Hugh Sorrill

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