Trial By Jury 1989

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Trial By Jury was performed in Easingwold Church on 9th June, 1989.



Musical Director- Lynda Richardson
Director- Bruce Walton
Pianist- Sue Shave

Part I

When The Foeman Bares His Steel- Lynda Johnson, Julie Winkless, Daniel Jenkins, Bruce Walton and chorus
Society Has Quite Forsaken- Bruce Walton and Six Flowers of Progress
Tripping Hither, Tripping Thither- Jo Tyszka
Full Fathom Five- Geraldine Darlington
Geographical Fugue
Ghosts' High Noon- David Pond
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables- Alistair Jolliffe
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore- Alison Hulford, Daniel Jenkins, Bruce Walton
The Nightmare Song- Daniel Jenkins
Poor Wand'ring One- Lynda Johnson
Italian Salad- David Pond

Trial By Jury

Plaintiff- Sarah Branson
Counsel for the Plaintiff- Geraldine Darlington
Defendant- Ashley Wilson
Judge- Alistair Jolliffe
Usher- David Pond
Foreman of the Jury- Simon Bartlett

Costumes and Props- Sarah Branson
Tubular Bells- Rupert Hoare


The show made a net loss of £49.50. The full accounts can be found in the Archive.

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