Trial By Jury 1985

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Trial By Jury was performed on 21st June, 1985 in the Guildhall. Tickets were £2, or £1.50 for concessions. Proceeds went to MENCAP.



From The Conductor

Thought for the weak…
Few things can be as irrational as music. To be moved to laughter or tears, or to tap a toe or nod a head because lengths of horsehair are being pulled over lengths of catgut, or because drums are being hit with sticks, is really rather silly in a world where twenty shillings make a pound and twenty pounds make a man happy. Yet that is what music is at least partly about. Like the cricketer, we look at bits of wood and leather, which on the surface are fairly unimpressice. And then we see what can be made of them. And behold, it is very good…

The Mencap people are involved in a similar business. They look where they are told there is nothing to be found; they look to the mentally handicapped, and find in them a source of Love, and Beauty, and Light where, it is said, only insensitive dribbling fools are to be found. The mentally handicapped are, on the surface, fairly unimpressive: ugly, unrefined, raw. But if you look a little closer, there is more to be seen.


//To start, a delicately assembled creation, incorporating sundry Sullivanesque melodies, with sprigs of Gilbertian garnish, to taste.

Repetitrice- Judy Burg
Accompanist- Brendan Beales
Conductor- Wealands Bell

Then by way of an interval, simmer gently for about twenty minutes. Mill.

Main Course

TRIAL BY JURY, an impertinent little number, to be served quickly at room temperature, but only in the company of:

The Learned Judge- Duncan Barraclough
Angelina, The Plaintiff- Judith Cunnold
Edwin, The Defendant- Ashley Wilson
Counsel for the Plaintiff- Patrick Couzens
Usher- Guy Middlemiss
Foreman of the Jury- Bob Terry
Defendant's Associate- Kathryn Gilfoy

Bridesmaids- Margot Barker, Alison Carter, Jane Davies, Bridget Hicks, Hilary Lonsdale, Lynn Marston, Sally Morris, Jude Ruddock

With the internationally renowned VanBar Ensemble:

Leader- Sian Stone
Continuo- Brendan Beales
Conductor- Wealands Bell

Players- Cherry Baker, Yvonne Renouf, Ross Kirk, Phillippa Hulme, Marion Gleave, James Merryweather, Pete Garvey, Jane Edwards, and others whose arms had yet to be twisted at the time of going to press.

Costumiere- Hilary Lonsdale
Director- Bob Terry

The Society

Chairman- Bridget Hicks
Secretary- Katie Sykes
Treasurer- Zoe Hughes
Musical Director- Wealands Bell
Director- Bob Terry
Costumiere- Hilary Lonsdale
Ordinary Members- Margot Marker, Mike Bradbury, Alison Carter, Jane Richardson, Ashley Wilson



Trial By Jury

Costumes £94.04
Posters £86.25
Advertising £37.94
Programmes £37.85
Tickets £25.93
Band £20.00
Music hire £25.00
Total £327.01

Bridesmaid's Costumes £48.00
Programme sales £21.25
Ticket sales £399.09
Total £468.34

Trial: Profit of £141.33

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