Trial By Jury 1982

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Trial By Jury was performed at the Guildhall on 18th June, 1982. Tickets were £1.50 and £1 for concessions. All the proceeds from this show went to a charity called F.L.A.G.




Maggie Johnson
Andrew Mitchell

Musical Director
David Keeffe

Adrian Rodaway


The Learned Judge - Andrew Headford
Plaintiff - Helen Wright
Defendant - Ashley Wilson
Counsel for the Plaintiff - Rebecca Nicholson
Usher - Paul Martin
Foreman of the Jury - Nick Kent

10th Anniversary Meal

For the society's 10th anniversary, there was a meal and a sing-through of HMS Pinafore. The meal made a £40 loss because some members didn't turn up.

Josephine - Helen Wright
Ralph Rackstraw - Paul Taylor
Sir Joseph -
Hebe -
Dick Deadeye - Frank Banks
Captain Corcoran - Andrew Headford

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