Traditional Toasts

There are several of these, passed on from generation to generation of students, their origins lost in the mists of time. But wherever society members and alcohol gather together it's likely that some of these may crop up:

Established Proposed Toasts

Oliver Reed!
The original society toastee (so to speak). Instigated by Grant Hoyle, past society chair, while drunk at a crash circa 2002-3
The Queen!
We're a very loyal society. Although no-one's ever specified which queen…Tessa? Gianetta? Casilda?
Richard 'Twice Nightly' Whiteley
For once, there is some logic. He died (or at least, we heard about his death) while still at the Crash for Another' Openin, Another Show. So, naturally, his name became a toast…
Thomas Round
Not quite so common these days. Veteran G&S actor and former President of the society.
Humphrey Lyttleton
Jazz trumpeter and brilliant dead-pan host of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue who died in Early May 08.
Richard 'The Hamster' Hammond
The only living member of this list (um… have you checked the Queen lately? -ed.) but who deserves a place by virtue of his near fatal accident in an airfield near York.

Proposed Proposed Toasts

George Carlin
As he played the most excellent Rufus and has been a mastermind of comedy.
Steve Irwin
Crikey. The man loved his art very much and died for its cause.
Heath Ledger
There is no excuse for this man to remain in the "proposed" section. However, it has yet to be canonised.
Michael Jackson
Died on the opening night of You Can't Stop The Beat, but has never been proposed as a toast. Because no-one cares.

I'm sure there must be some more out there somewhere…

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