Thoroughly Modern Musicals

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Thoroughly Modern Musicals was a showcase of various numbers from musicals first performed on stage in the 21st century. As well as larger numbers, there were also smaller ones directed by various members of the company. It was performed in the Roger Kirk Centre on 10th & 11th June 2015.

Cast & Crew

Artistic Director
Charlotte Gower

Musical Director
George Pugh

Andy Fowles
Alex Davison

Jenny Jones
Annabel Gipp
Jessie Clark
Eleanor Dunsdon
George Pugh
Grace Levy
Samantha Gunn
Lydia Worrall
Claire Smith
Ella Dufton
Jenny Cooper
Maria Munir
Jo Gledhill
Loussin-Torah Pilikian
Miriam Gibson
Meredith Daniel
Charlotte Gower
Dan Wade
Andrew Hurst
Alex Davison
Ben Young
Tom Bruggenwirth
Adrian Horan
Sam Lees
Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Peter May
Callam Neville


One Short Day (Wicked) – Company

Naughty (Matilda) – Claire Smith
Directed by Maria Munir and Sam Lees

Old Fashioned Love Story (The Wild Party) – Samantha Gunn
Directed by Eleanor Dunsdon and Jessie Clark

Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray) – Grace Levy

Big, Blonde And Beautiful (Hairspray) – Loussin-Torah Pilikian

What Was A Woman To Do? (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) – Jenny Jones, Grace Levy, Meredith Daniel, Samantha Gunn, Eleanor Dunsdon and Annabel Gipp

I’m Not That Girl (Wicked) – Meredith Daniel
Directed by Annabel Gipp and Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen

Outside Of That I Love You (Top Hat) – Charlotte Gower and Tom Bruggenwirth
Directed by Peter May and Claire Smith

Schadenfreude (Avenue Q) – Maria Munir and Peter May

The Woman’s Dead (Curtains) – Company

Bend And Snap (Legally Blonde) – Company

Mama I’m A Big Girl Now (Hairspray) – Eleanor Dunsdon, Lydia Worrall and Ella Dufton
Directed by Jo Gledhill

See Me (Bare) – Ben Young and Jessie Clark
Directed by Jenny Jones and Alex Davison

The Internet Is For Porn (Avenue Q) – Jo Gledhill, Dan Wade, Alex Davison, Sam Lees and Adrian Horan
Directed by Lydia Worrall and Adrian Horan

In Short (Edges) – Annabel Gipp

Diva’s Lament (Spamalot) – George Pugh
Directed by Meredith Daniel, Jenny Cooper and Dan Wade

Broadway Here I Come (Smash/Hit List) – Andrew Hurst
Directed by Samantha Gunn

When You’re An Addams (The Addams Family) – Company


Bend And Snap
The Internet Is For Porn
When You're An Addams


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