The Willow

Ah, the Willow. Not the best Chinese restaurant in York, but how many restaurants can boast that they turn into a disco after 10pm?

The society has been going to the Willow for the vast majority of its history1. Not for the food (although it's not really as bad as rumour may suggest) but for the cheesy disco. Until the place started becoming popular in about 2007, the society would pretty much take over the dance floor and (depending on how good the DJ was) the choice of music.

The fact that at the first few notes of a well-loved song the entire society would stand up and start dancing- the same actions, all impeccably in time (!)- probably helped ensure that there was really no chance of other groups competing. While Chris Charlton was chair, the society went to the Willow twice a term, every term. Socials meant the Willow. Even in more normal years, there would generally be a trip at least once a term.

But then there was a time it all went wrong. With longer drinking hours, more people were around in town till late, and the Willow's popularity increased. A new DJ started to refuse to play the cheesy music we craved, and with other people there too our requests were ignored or squeezed out. Horror of horrors, it started to become trendy. So, with great sadness, the society started to look elsewhere for somewhere else to go on socials. It was the end of an era.

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