The Mascots

Frank the Yellow Kangaroo

Frank the Yellow Kangaroo is mentioned in the 1980 minutes as something to decorate the "Fresher's Mart" stall with.

A Possum

Mentioned in the 1981 Constitution as the constitutionally-mandated mascot of the society. The minutes from the 1982 AGM show a power struggle between the possum and Frank the Yellow Kangaroo, with the possum eventually winning out.

Moxy the Pirates of Penzance Effigy

Moxy is mentioned in the 1983 minutes as being the society's "unconstitutional" mascot.

Eric the Brick

Eric the Brick joined the society in 1988. He was recruited by a group of members after a night in York exploring the hostelries. He had been destined to be part of a new building between Bleachfield and Jack Lyons concert hall. He became a stalwart member of the G&S chorus for many years. All in all an excellent performer who took his directions well, especially if they were to stay in the same place and not move. He also worked hard backstage, a particular competence being as stage weight. Eric's greatest achievement was being elected President of the Society in 1997. Following an act of appalling terrorism, Eric was kidnapped by a stage manager. He was last seen next to a pile of junk outside his home in the container behind the sports centre in 2007, after his recently adopted companion Erica was brutally murdered by being drowned in the university lake. One of the gravestones in The Pirates of Penzance 2007 bore her name.

There were many theories as to Eric the Brick's whereabouts. These are some of them:

  • Eric is still in Max's car
  • Eric is now part of a wall somewhere on Campus
  • Eric is also in the lake
  • Eric is now on top of the container

During Be Our Guest, Eric was mysteriously returned with a note: "Here's your brick back".

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