The Magic Lozenge

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The Magic Lozenge was a G&S parody written by members of the society and performed as a summer show. The title comes from the 'magic lozenge' plot device with which Gilbert approached Sullivan on several occasions, and which Sullivan hated. The Sorcerer is probably the closest G&S came to writing a magic lozenge plot, relying as it does upon a magic potion.


Dramatis Personae

Jack Pointless (a poor, broken-hearted traveller)
Arcadia (a fair maiden)
Leriat (a tenor)
Paul (a pirate)
Marinade (a mermaid)
Ethel (Marinade's Auntie)
Frisby (Arcadia's cousin)


Promenade of Scarborough Beach


Act I

The first act opens with a song from some local sailors and Jack. He then tells us of his misfortune in love and how sad and penniless he is. As he shuffles along the sand he finds a book and goes off to hatch a money-making scheme.

Enter Arcadia who tells us how she was married at the early age of two and is to meet her husband today to reaffirm her marriage vows. She is to be disappointed, however, as she discovers he has run off at the thought of married life.

Leriat, the bridegroom, enters and tells us that he is going to disguise himself as a member of a women's brass band to escape marital bliss.

JP is back with a plan to sell a magic lozenge he has made which can change people's appearance. He sets up a booth and goes in.

Pirate Paul enters and tells how he hates being a pirate. Policemen enter and chase him, he hides and they exit. A mermaid appears on the beach. She is sad that she is a mermaid because she loves a man- a policeman. She sees the Lozenge Sellers booth and goes in. She is heard to be taking a lozenge and comes out a girl. Paul witnesses this and confronts her.

Pirate Paul and Arcadia meet and she falls for him. Paul feels he is not good enough for her so goes and takes a lozenge.

Finale (a beach party): Chorus having a picnic- Marinade faints into the crowd, and they step back to see she has turned back into a mermaid.

Act II

Arcadia meets the new Paul but she shuns him.

Policeman comes on and tells how he is cursed- he has to sing a G&S chorus every day.

She finds out that as a baby she was swapped with her cousin, and is not actually married. She is free to marry Paul but is not sure if she wants to.

Leriat falls for Arcadia's cousin.

Paul changes back to his old self and Arcadia is delighted.

Leriat finds out he is actually married to his love Frisby and is happy.

Marinade is told by her Auntie Ethel that she was accidentally apprenticed as a mermaid when she was yonug but is really a girl.

Ethel recognises JP to be the King of Utopia who was kidnapped by travellers when he was a wee laddie.

Policeman finds out that as he was born on the 29th of February, he is immune to the curse of the G&S chorus.

They all decide to sing one last G&S chorus before they go home.


Stage Blocks- £70
Chorus Music- £60
Orchestral Music Scores- £150
Costumes- £200
Set- £100
Props- £50
Publicity- £20

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