The Container


The following is an inventory of the costume hampers taken on 25/5/2009

HAMPER 1 (back)

White braces x 2
Black trousers with red braces x 10
Black trousers with red sparkly braces x 2
White bridal veil x 1
White wedding dress x3
White wedding jacket x1
White coronet/ garland x1
Black bob wig, poss. beyond use (beatle) x 4
wig, Elvis
wig, blue
Plastic ball and chain
Obnoxious bow ties x 4
Yellow bow sash/ cinch waist belt
sash bow/ cinch waist belt, pink x 1
brown woolen waistcoat x 1
Brown peasant dress x 1
pair of bloomers, red and white x1
pair of blue plimsolls x 6 (various sizes)
bloomers blue and white x 1
graduation robe, red x 1
kaftan, gold and sparkly x 1
parasol, broken x 1
fairy costumes x 11
skirt x 2
shawl, sparkly silver x 1
tartan skirt, red and green x 1
skirt, green x 1
dress, green x 2
bra, comedically oversized, white x 1
apron, white x 2
feather boa, red
scarf, maroon x 1
waistcoat, grey. leather x 1
fairy top x 1
bloomers, pink and white x 1
shirt, red x 1
shirt, blue x 1
top, polka-dot, strappy
skirt, grey x 1
male nightgown, blue stripe x 1
dress, red, silk x 1
bloomers, pink x 5
dress, pink, gingham x 1
skirt, peach, silk x 1
bloomer, blue x 1
cape, dark grey with sleeves x 1
bloomers, blue x 3
wig, black, beatle x 3
corset x 1
top, blue, stripy x 1
bloomer, yellow x 1
shirt, orange x 1
black trouser x 1
dress, blue x 1
shirt, black x 1
shorts, black x 1
jeans, denim x 1
bow-tie, obnoxious x 11
coat, black, leather x 1
shirt, green x 1
shirt, white x 1
jacket, grey x 1
jacket, black x 1
waistcoat, black, beaded x 1
trousers , black x 1
skirts, badly made x 3
pantaloons, pink gingham x 3
waistcoat, gold sparkly x 13
bloomers x 3
skirt, black
shirt, pink x 1
shirt, green x 1
shirt, pink x 1
shirt, blue x 1
shirt, pink x 1
shirt, green x 2
shirt, blue x 1
mob cap, white x 1
skirt, blue x 1
skirt, badly made x2
bockey skirt x 2 (red)
jacket, black, leather x 1
pantaloons, grey x 1 (type 2)
skirt, orange x 1
shirt, pink x 1
shirt, red x 1
jester tunic x 3
pantaloons, stripy blue x 1
waistcoat, plaid/tartan x 1
hockey skirt x 4
skirt, badly made x 8
dress, lime green and lilac patch x 1

HAMPER 2 (Middle)

jacket, purple x 1
jacket, red x 1
jacket, tartan, black and white x 1
tunic, green x 1
hat (sort of), red velvet
pantaloons, crushed velvet, green x 1
pantaloons, red and black x 1
dress, green, long-sleeved x 2
dress, green, floaty x 1
dress, red white and black x 1919 satin
dress, gingham x 9
dress, pink gingham x 1
dress, brown shift x 2
dress, yellow, sleeveless x 1
dress, A-line, green x 1
dress, A-line, pink x 1
dress, red velvet x 1
dress, green x 12
bridesmaids dress x 2 with 1 blue one pink
bridesmaids dress, blue x 2
dress, red x 1
dress, red spotty x 1
dress, red x 1
waistcoat, grey tartan x 1
football shorts, black x 6
apron, white x 10
bandanas, gingham x 9
skirt, white x 14
skirt, grey, elastic waist x 1
skirt, stained x 1
skirt, grey x 1
skirt, blue x 8
pantaloons, red and black x 1
tailcoat, green x 1
waistcoat, red x 1
night gown, blue polkadot x 1
nightcap, matching x 1
bag, green x 1
tunic, red x 1
pearl bead strings x 4
trousers, tartan x 1
shirt, blue ruffled x 1
shirt, blue tye-dyed x 1
shirt, ruffled (tudor) x 1


dress, peach + white stripes x 1
cape, red x 1
fleece top x 1
skirt, red x 1
skirt, floral x 1
jacket, purple x 1
pantaloons, green x 1
sash, purple x 6
dress, red long sleeve x 1
skirt, red velvet x 1
skirt, green and red x 1
tie, black x 1
jacket, tartan x 1 (foul)
shirt, white satin x 1
night gown, white x 1
apron, white x 4
nightie (night dress?), beige x 1 matching jacket
dress, black and white x 1
dress, blue and white stripe x 1
shawl, crochet x 1
apron, white x 1
mob cap, white x 1
dress, brown shift x 2
jacket, green, flamboyant x 1
tail coat, green x 1
shirt, white x 1
top, pink x 1
waistcoat, with bull on back x 1
picnic blanket x 1
top, white satin x 1
shirt, pink x 1
skirt, long black x 1
waistcoat, red and green x 13
cap, black x 1
dress, lilac x 1


Fabric is 150cm wide unless otherwise stated.

Green gabardine, 8m
Black gabardine, 2.5m
Blue cotton, 1m
Blue cotton, 1m
Black cotton, 1m
Red cotton, 1.8m
Green cotton, 2m, 1m wide
Green cotton, 1.1m
White cotton, elasticated, 1m
Black cotton, 2.4m
Blue cotton, 2.3m, 80cm wide
Red and white striped cotton 1.5m
Blue and green striped cotton, 1.9m, 115cm wide
Green and white striped cotton, 1.7m
Green floral cotton, 3.5m
Black floral cotton, 2m
Cream shimmery cotton, 1.5m, 115cm wide
Blue patterned cotton, 2m
Floral silk, 2m, 115cm wide
Grey lining fabric, 2m
Blue lining fabric, 3.5m
Blue lining fabric, 9.5m
Blue lining fabric, 6m
Turquoise corduroy, 2.8m, 115cm wide
Green polyester, 1.6m
Green and red tartan, 3.8m
Purple patterned satin with scalloped edges (poss. curtain material?), 1.5m
White bedsheet x 1
Large amount of blue crushed velvet, previously used as a river

Ground sheet, white x 1
1 awesome backdrop, to be sold to PantSoc if possible
1 white curtain, poss. backdrop size
1 bag of notions, assorted, incl. sewing machine pedal
1 roll of white elastic
Red lace
Bag of sailor fukus
Bag of gym skirts
Knee high white socks
Remaining kimonos
Bag of interesting material, too small to make large garments with

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