The Cold War

During show week in February 2006, there was trouble brewing backstage. The cast were uptight, the directors were worried (what's new), the techies were being awkward (again, what's new). What was the cause of all this unease and trepidation? The fridge.

There had always been a fridge upstairs backstage, the intent being for the cast to store water in there to keep cool and hydrated while under the heat of the stage lights in the throat-dessicating atmosphere of Central Hall. However, on this occassion, the cast's right to use of the fridge was disputed by the tech crew (or, to be more accurate, by certain members of it). They removed the fridge downstairs to fill it with creme eggs and other things sweet to the taste but fatal to the voice.

The cast (or, to be more accurate, certain members of it) gave much thought to a way to foil their evil scheme. And eventually, they developed a cunning plan. Quietly, while the crew were distracted, they led a raid to remove the fridge and bring it up in the lift. Once on the top floor, they proceeded to take the fridge into one of the dressing rooms and placed it beneath a table. And there, with a chain and padlock, the fridge was locked to the table leg with (and this was their masterstroke) the door facing the wall, so that only those with the combination for the lock could make use of it.

The tech crew were furious at this attempt by the cast to sieze the initiative, and plotted darkly how they could recapture the fridge. And so they sent one of their number, young Chris Armstrong with a saw to loose the chain confining the fridge or, failing that, to saw through it. At this the cast laughted mightily, for they did not fear the feeble hacksaw. Then the techies, seeing that their labours were in vain, came together with the cast and agreed a treaty which ended their strife. The tech crew brought in another fridge, belonging to one of their number, and the cast's fridge remained upstairs, fulfilling its intended purpose of providing a cool place to store the essential refreshment of the cast. And there was peace, and much rejoicing. And, after much thought, this episode became known as Fridge Wars or simply the Cold War.

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