Summer Show


The Summer Show is the Gilbert & Sullivan Society's chance to shine with any type of musical, not just those of W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan! The show originally started in the mid/late 90s as a way of keeping the society active and together throughout the summer term of university after the main show was over and done with. It is often well attended and is pretty much the only major production1 to happen on campus during the Summer Term!2

The show is usually performed in L/028 (which is the best accessible and usable venue on campus for such an event) in either the weekend of Week 8 or 9. It is usually timed to not clash with Woodstock or similar events that may occur around the end of term.


As usual, the society selects a group of directors to run the show. However, unlike the main show where the production to be done is already decided in advance, the directors themselves choose which show to put on and sell that show to the society just as much as their ability to direct! As usual, the posts are that of Artistic Director(s) who direct the art and choreography of the show, a Technical Director to head the construction of set and ordering of electrics as well as oversee the setting up in L/028 and a Musical Director who will teach the music and organise/conduct the band/orchestra.

Previous Summer Shows and directors:

There are almost no limits on what can be performed for the show. However, it must be possible to get a worthy production done from start to finish in under 8 weeks! Often this has required simplifying certain aspects of a show but this hasn't stopped the society putting on some very ambitious yet successful productions.

Previous summer shows:


This section is to gather information about the things you need to do and know to put on a summer show. Most of this is done through the committee.

Room Bookings

The room for the performance itself needs to be booked well in advance, (ie, get your request in the previous term at least) since people and rooms are busy with exams etc. towards the end of term.

Also, rooms are needed throughout the summer term for set building and rehearsals. Booking them at the start of term (or the year) means you're more likely to get the rooms you want, for the length of time you want, and that the orchestra and chorus can have a regular timetable.

L/028 is the best room on campus for the summer show. See the Alternative Room Sub-committee for Evaluation report for the reasons for this and for things to consider in possible alternatives.
For more information on how to book rooms, see the room booking page

Social Events Form

The summer show needs a major social events form submitted at least 3 weeks before the show. Filling in the form takes at least a week, since it needs to be signed off by health and safety (Peter Kidd, gro.usuy|ytefas#gro.usuy|ytefas) portering, estates, the college administration and probably about 5 other people.

You need to know before you start:

  • When the concert is
  • Where it is
  • How long it will last
  • Will it need portering (depends on the building and the time you plan to finish)
  • Will it need a performance licence (royalties and such)
  • First aid


The equipment will vary depending on the show and the venue. The equipment used in past years is listed on separate pages

  • Summer Show 2007 Equipment
  • Summer Show 2008 Equipment

Copyright issues

Musical or dramatic works over 70 years old (eg G&S) are free of copyright and may be performed without a licence.
The law allows certain things as "fair use," such as "Performance, copies or lending for educational purposes" and "Recording of broadcasts for the purposes of listening to or viewing at a more convenient time."
See for more information.

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