Summer 1996

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Songs From The Shows

‘Songs From The Shows’ was a concert performed by both the G&S Society and Glee Club in St. Michael-le-Belfrey Church, York, 31st May 1996. All proceeds from the concert went towards CAP Summer Camp for Disadvantaged Children. As the Society only performed in the first half, the second half will not be recorded here, but a copy of the programme can be found in the Archive.


For The Merriest Fellows- The Gondoliers- David Bignell
Paradox Trio- The Pirates of Penzance- Mhairi Sheail, Ashley Wilson, Andy Gledhill
Strange Adventure!- The Yeomen of the Guard
Poor Wand’ring One- The Pirates of Penzance- Berry Hopkins
The Sergeant’s Song- The Pirates of Penzance- Martin Atkins
I Hear The Soft Note- Patience- Becky Stokes, Mhairi Sheail, F. Midgeley, Anthony Gardner, David Bignell, Robert Nightingale
Love Is A Plaintive Song- Patience- Mhairi Sheail
Try We Life Long- The Gondoliers- Emma Collie, Berry Hopkins, Ashley Wilson, Toby Sharp, David Bignell
Over The Bright Blue Sea- HMS Pinafore
The Nightmare Song- Iolanthe- Robert Nightingale
When The Foeman Bares His Steel- The Pirates of Penzance- Andy Gledhill, Becky Stokes, Emma Collie, Robert Nightingale

Highlights of the Shows

//“Highlights of the Shows” was performed in Osbaldwick Church on 13th June 1996. The Musical Director was Toby Sharp and the repetiteur was Berry Hopkins.


Act I

For The Merriest Fellows- Phil Bloomfield
Strange Adventure!
Long Years Ago- Berry Hopkins, Jessa Marshall
Hail the Bride- Donna Sharp, Cal Dollings, Phil Bloomfield, Toby Sharp
Sorry Her Lot- Emma Collie
Prithee Pretty Maiden- Mhairi Sheail, Robert Nightingale
This Helmet I Suppose- John Stoneham
Eagle High
Three Little Maids- Fiona Heathcote, Jessa Marshall, Liz Ashby
When A Wooer- Pippa Wills, Jo Dubé, Simon Offord, Toby Sharp
For He’s Gone And Married Yum-Yum- Donna Sharp, Val Sim, Robert Nightingale, Phil Bloomfield

Act II

Welcome Gentry
Over The Bright Blue Sea
Love Is A Plaintive Song- Mhairi Sheail
Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast- Phil Bloomfield
Poor Wand’ring One- Berry Hopkins
The Battle’s Roar- Donna Sharp, Phil Bloomfield
Let’s Give Three Cheers- Cal Dollings, Val Sim, Jessa Marshall, Robert Nightingale
Now Wouldn’t You- Becky Stokes, Jo Dubé
Nightmare Song- Robert Nightingale
When The Foeman- John Stoneham, Becky Stokes, Emma Collie, Robert Nightingale

Show Stoppers

“Show Stoppers” was performed at St. Lawrence’s Church in York on 19th June 1996. Tickets cost £3 and £2.50 for concessions.

Letter to the Press and Publicity Officer

Dated 13th June 1996. The letterhead features the Portakabin logo.

Dear Ms. Dollings,

Thank you for your letter asking for our support.

We have given your letter careful consideration, but regretfully we must decline. As you will appreciate, we get a very large number of requests of this nature and are simply unable to accede to them all.

I do hope you will understand and wish you every success.

Yours sincerely,

S. W. Stericker
Technical Director, cmb

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