Sub Committee For The Anniversary Of Thirty Five Years

SCATY, the Sub-Committee for the Anniversary of Thirty-five Years, was a the team which planned and organised the celebrations for the society's 35th anniversary in 2007.

The team was composed of Lois Cross (theoretical sub-committee chair and society archivist), Stuart Roberts, Lauren Mathews and Thomas Newby (ordinary members). Meetings of the committee rambled between the serious- actually deciding on and planning the celebratory events- and the amusing- descending into cushion throwing and silly games.

The anniversary celebrations in March 2007 consisted of an 'open rehearsal' session on a Saturday afternoon where members past and present were invited to turn up and sing along to their favourite G&S songs (thanks to the piano wizardry of Robbie Berryman and Matthew Collins. In the evening a formal dinner and ceilidh were held at the Park Inn in York, along with speeches from the current chair Andy Lawson and hon. president Paul Howarth. The anniversary cakes- one iced with the society's logo, the other with a representation of HMS Pinafore, were cut by Andy Lawson, incoming chair Lauren Mathews and society founder Frank Banks.

Pictures can be seen here:

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