Sponsorship And Merchandise


In terms of sponsorship, ask anyone and everyone. Boyes will usually give us a voucher for around £100 and White Stuff sponsored the socitey for £200 for The Mikado, so be sure to contact them first, but otherwise it's a free-for-all. Write to take-aways, restaurants, bars, companies, etc., and mention that they'll be able to put an advert in the programme which should get them publicity. Usually, it is considered a good ratio to get one response from fifty letters to private companies. Just a few possible examples of the above:

  • Take-aways: Efe's, Golden Grill, Vikings Kitchen, basically any place that drops off menus by the porters' lodges
  • Bars: The Nagshead, The Priory, Yates, Nexus, Toffs, Gallery, Rumours, Ha! Ha!, Dusk, Wetherspoons, Vodka Revolutions, Orgasmic
  • Companies: Deloitte, Watson Wyatt, Clifford Chance

Most of these places advertise with other student societies, such as the York Union, so they should also be interested in advertising with us. However, there are certain tricks that make projects sound more sponsorship worthy; community outreach or diversity and inclusion are good fodder for this but evidence of this will usually be needed.

On the subject of sponsors, don't forget to write to them after both the summer and the main show to thank them for their support and ask if they'll continue to do so for the next show. Boyes' address is on their website (http://www.boyes.co.uk), and obviously you'll have to get the address if anyone else who sponsors us.


Some suggestions have been made for organisations who may be willing to give us grants:

  • The Lottery Fund
  • Connect to Youth Culture
  • York City Council
    • Find out who the councillor for culture
    • Someone who lives in the university's ward
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