The Sorcerer 1986

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The Sorcerer was the 14th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from February 20-22 1986. Tickets were £2.50 and £2, or £2.25 and £1.75 for concessions.

The chair was Bridget Hicks.




Bob Terry

Assisstant Directors
Judith Cunnold
Julie Leydon

Musical Director
Wealands Bell


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre - Duncan Barraclough
Alexis - Ashley Wilson
Dr Daly - Grant Sherwood
Notary - Himself
John Wellington Wells - Patrick Couzens
Lady Sangazure - Christine Fidler
Aline - Jill Perry
Mrs. Partlet - Chris Boot
Constance - Judith Cunnold
Hercules -

Robert Clark
Baudouin Delcourt
Mark Fowlis
Phil Hollman
Simon Pearson

Margot Barker
Jane Davies
Bridget Hicks
Eleanor Lewis
Sally Morris

Morris Men
Tanya Alevropoulos
Alison Carter
Zoe Hughes
Laurie Jennings
Pippa Stowell
Kerry Ward
Sarah Wood
Jennifer Woodward

Gillian Silk (front)
Nicola Turner (back)

Holly Bigelow
Steven Black
Sarah Blenkin
Chris Britten
Rachel Crabtree
Michelle Chambers
Anja Christmann
Charles Elliott
Saira Hammond
Derek Lisley
Rachel Maddocks
Simon Nayyar
Anne Pardaens
Sally Rees
Jane Richardson
Simon Roitt
Katie Sykes
Stephanie Walter
Bob Turner
Rachel Venables
Teresa Young

Production Team

Production Manager - Mike Bradbury
Costumes - Hilary Lonsdale
Make-Up - Carmine Lake
Stage Manager - Bruce Walton
Lighting - Martin Atkins, Nigel Roles, David Shackleton, Simon Bradley
Artistry - Sally Wainwright
Publicity - Margot Barker, Alison Carter
Charity Organiser - Jane Richardson
Front of House - Hilary Lonsdale, Emma Lakin et al.

The Band was made up of the VanBar Ensemble.


President - Michael Green
Vice-President - Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chair - Bridget Hicks
Secretary - Katie Sykes
Treasurer - Zoe Hughes
Costumiere - Hilary Lonsdale
Ordinary Members - Bob Terry, Ashley Wilson, Mike Bradbury, Margot Barker, Alison Carter, Jane Richardson


I rejoice that it's decided

Extended Programme

The programme was written by Wealands Bell in his unique style and proved quite a surprise to the cast when they read their "biographies" on opening night!

The Chairman Writes… …and reads, and adds up…

My Minions,

Once again we at Society Hice have had an awfully busy year. As soon as we recovered from the staggering success of H.M.S. Pinafore, rehearsals began for our production of Trial By Jury, which was awarded first prize by the organisers of this year's York Nearly Music Festival. Our thanks to them. Although perhaps not an occasion of profound artistic significance, it did raise a shilling or two for Mencap, so pats on the back all round.

We did our usual run of sticky-bun gigs, spending very pleasurable evenings with the good people of Easingwold and Escrick, to whom thanks, thanks and ever thanks.

At Christmas we sang some carols at the Retreat, which seemed to go down well enough. It is, of course, a fact of undeniable accuracy that no anthology of carols ever includes Silent Night, and it was equally inevitable that that carol was the unrivalled favourite of every member of the audience. There we are.

We welcome any of our former members who may be with us again this year. The Geriatrics' Bulletin is on its way. Watch out for the plain brown covers.

We welcome too, Michael Green, who has assumed the onerous duties of the Presidency. Author of that learned tome, The Art of Coarse Acting, he should be invaluable.


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre- Duncan Barraclough
Duncan Barraclough is a Yorkshireman and should therefore never be trusted, eh, Geoff? Nevertheless, he has played G&S for some years now, most recently with this Society's production of H.M.S. Pinafore, where he was Sir Joseph Porter, and of Trial By Jury, where he was also Sir Joseph Porter. His current role, that of Sir Joseph Porter, is said to be new and challenging. Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre is 103.

Alexis- Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson joined this Society in 1903, and has been a member ever since that crucial time. He has sung all the leading roles, which has usually meant that he has had to wear a pair of white trousers. Fortunately in this show he gets to wear something a bit more butch, which is a relief for all of us. When Ashley is not doing G&S he works as a Gentleman of Science, and has been recently made a Doctor. That means he is very, very clever. Ashley Wilson is 27.

Dr. Daly- Grant Sherwood
Grant Sherwood was born in 1964, and since then has been in lots of musicals. With this Society he sang Sir Despard in the 1984 classic re-run of Ruddigore, and was Captain Corcoran in H.M.S. Pinafore. He doesn't seem to have been in Trial By Jury, but he once was the Chairman of this very Society and as such is a man to be reckoned with. He also knows lots about history, and about all the other men and women who were to be reckoned with throughout the ages. Grant is going to be a teacher, or so rumour has it. He makes a very dashing Dr. Daly, I'm sure you'll agree. He will probably die in about 2034.

The Notary- Himself

John Wellington Wells- Patrick Couzens
Patrick Couzens, like Borodin, is a chemist. Joining the Church Choir at the age of six, he has retained a love of the stage, playing parts as different as Duncan in Macbeth and David Owen in a revue entitled Campaign! Patrick is keenly involved with the Scouting Movement and is very tall. He was Dick Deadeye in last year's Pinafore, but unfortunately has had to have his appendix removed.

Lady Sangazure- Christine Fidler
Christine Fidler used to be a sane human being, but then she joined G&S where she was turned callously and cold-bloodedly into a Bumboat Woman. She also used to be in the Yorkshire Back Choir, but then who didn't? She is very clever with computers, and does lots and lots of research. There is only one 'd' in 'Fidler'.

Aline- Jill Perry
Jill Perry is a first-year history student who does lots of singing and dancing. She is from the South of England. She is not a member of the Yorkshire Back Choir. In this production she is singing Aline, as you will see if you turn to the page marked "Principals" (p.94). Jill has been in lots of other shows, but I'm afraid I've lost the bit of paper with them all written on.

Mrs Partlet- Chris Boot
Christopher Boot has been a member of this Society since its inception. He has been in the Chorus for everything Sullivan ever wrote, and for this reason there is little else one wishes to say. (Cont. p.94).

Constance- Judith Cunnold
Judith Cunnold has been involved with the last three Society productions as Chorus member, Principal (Pretty Rose Maybud, 1984, and the bored bint in Trial) and as Director. She likes children, animals and travel, and would like to be an air-hostess if she cannot be a singer. Judith is a member of the Yorkshire Bach Choir.

(Miss Cunnold appears by the kind co-operation of the Yorkshire Back Choir)


Director- Bob Terry
Sheep-farmer, academic, vegetarian, Bob Terry has been described as all of these. When not directing G&S, he is the Curator of the Fatuous Experiments Laboratory, whose location, for security reasons, cannot be disclosed. Bob's boss says that even he doesn't know where it is. Beginning his Theatrical Career with the Ronald Reagan Acting Institute, Bob makes superb onion bread and feeds it to hungry students.

Assistant Directors- Judith Cunnold, Julie Leydon
Julie Leydon has been involved with the direction of the last three productions. When she grows up, Julie would like to be a spy. She is not a member of the Yorkshire Back Choir, but goes to all their concerts.

Musical Director- Wealands Bell
Wealands Bell began his musical career as a chorister in Durham Cathedral, his appointment to that choir co-inciding with Sunderland's historic slaughter of Leeds in the FA Cup final. These days he sings with York Minster Choir, tries to get a degree in the English Faculty, and plays Verdi very late into the night. He sang Robin with this company in the 1984 production of Ruddigore, and has been Musical Director since then. His interpretation of HMS Pinafore has been described as 'putrid'. Wealands is going to be Priest.


Scenery and Lighting £572.76
Costumes £396.25
Posters & Ads £185.21
Programmes £154.50
Orchestra £250.00
Portering £330.00
Tickets £109.25
Props & Make-Up £87.33
Insurance £55.00
Music £38.00
Charities £31.31
Front of House £90.00
Photos & Video £45.00
Flowers £25.00
Total £2369.61

V.C.'s Fund £100.00
Adverts £45.00
Programme sales £224.63
Ticket sales £1554.88
Refreshment sales £162.03
Video donation £30.00
Total £2116.54

Sorcerer: Loss of £253.07

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