The Sorcerer 2010

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The Sorcerer was the 38th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall in February 2010.

The chair was Jenny Draper.




Artistic Director
James Knowles

Assistant Artistic Director
Jenny Draper

Musical Director
Anna Stephenson

Technical Director
Michael Houston


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre - J Mark Pim
Alexis - Daniel Wilmot
Dr. Daly - Thomas Newby
John Wellington Wells - Stuart Roberts
The Notary - James Gaughan
Lady Sangazure - Helena Culliney
Aline - Sarah David
Mrs. Partlet - Lauren Mathews
Constance, her Daughter - Lois Cross

Esme Wise
Ed Hartshorne
Thomas Nichol
Judith Huismann
Danielle Neville
Lucy Pell-Walpole
Sian Lomax
Hannah Tomlin
Peter Estdale
Kirsty Bryant
James E Butterworth


Violin 1 - Victoria Inge, Lucy Shepherd
Violin 2 - Celina Wong, James Taylor
Viola - Michael Pollard
Cello - Rachel Smith
Flute - Amy Aumeer
Flute/Piccolo - Amelia Dowsett
Oboe - Tim Olive-Besley
Clarinet - Lois Thorpe, Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad
Bassoon - Natalie Rukuts
French Horn - Alex Milne, Tom Swinson
Trumpet - John Tandy, Lucy Martin
Trombone - Darryl Rayner
Percussion - Toby Wardman

Technical Crew

Assistant Technical Director - Chris Armstrong
Stage Manager - Chris Charlton
Assistant Stage Manager - Morven Hamilton
Sound Manager - Abigail Richardson
Assistant Sound Manager - Ben Whitelam
Lighting Manager - Nick Hall
Lighting Operator - Toby Foster
Follow-spot Operators - Ian Shaw, Ellen Cain
Stage Crew - Megan Bryan
Makeup - Liz Chadwick
Costumes - Jenny Draper


Chair - Jenny Draper
Secretary - Chris Armstrong
Treasurer - James Gaughan
Press & Publicity - Cecily Blench, Morven Hamilton
Sponsorship & Merchandising - Jackie Smithers
Webmaster - Michael Houston
Ordinary Members - James Butterworth, James Knowles, Lucy Pell-Walpole


Sprites of earth and air

Extended Programme

A note from the Chair

When I first became Chair of the society in Spring last year, I quickly realised that, to paraphrase Miss Trunchbull, 'the best kind of society is one that does absolutely nothing at all'. No forms! No frantic emailing! No mess! Bliss.

Judge then, my surprise when the entire society came to me in a body demanding to put on a show. A show? said I. Sounds expensive. And time-consuming. And not only that, but we were to tackle The Sorcerer, a show full of flash-bangs and magic. Oh dear. Probably best not, I said. Put the idea out of your minds. But the society was very insistent. And therefore, against my better judgement, you have before you our production of The Sorcerer. We hope that you will find enough explosions, thoroughly nasty lead tenors, and demon worship in this year's production of The Sorcerer to keep you in a state of shocked, awed, suspended animation while our crack team of orphans rifle through your purses. Please enjoy the show.

+++…and from the Directors!*
*exactly one of whom may in fact also be the chair of the society. Despotism!

To all our beloved followers,

The run up to the show has been full of emotions, in the following order: excitement; confusion; panic; confusion; relief; joy; worry; confusion; joy; joy; pride; and excitement again (and others that cannot be mentioned here).
Many a long night has been spent trying to formulate ways to successfully embarrass the whole cast. Unfortunately we have to report that, despite our best efforts, everyone has managed to take everything we have thrown at them in their stride, including fighting off the zombie apocalypse, seductive dances, and even acting.

On that note, we hope that you survive, and maybe even enjoy the spectacle you are about to witness.

- James Knowles and Jenny Draper

The Sorcerer presents several challenges from a technical perspective. How to create the necessary air of magic surrounding Wells, and provide a convincing atmosphere for the altered state the villagers find themselves in upon waking. I hope that we have achieved something as enjoyable to watch as it is to perform.

This is also the first official outing for the new set - our previous flats, constructed under the supervision of Andy Vick in 2005, have performed sterling service through 8 shows and approximately 24 performances of both G&S and the more varied selection of productions the society puts on for its summer shows. We're aiming to grow the number of flats for next year to allow us to paint a full backdrop.

- Michael Houston
Technical Director

The Directors

James Knowles - Artistic Director
James joined the society in October 2005 and soon gained the well justified soubriquet of 'The King of Broadway' for his stage presence and vocal style.

He soon rose to prominence in the society with a string of roles; Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls, Samuel in The Pirates of Penzance, Sir Roderic in Ruddigore, and then Ko-Ko in The Mikado, his largest society role to date.

He directed (and, due to drop outs, starred in) Kaleidoshow and for two years shared the House of Fun with Chris Charlton which only served to cement their relationship, formed during Meat Loaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light on the dancefloor of The Willow.

Now James is a director for Sorceror 2010. Perhaps he underestimated the work involved, and that's why he couldn't write this himself… again.

Jenny Draper - Artistic Director
On Monday, when Jenny first sat down to read The Sorcerer, as well as watching the complete Lord of the Rings boc set, the thought occurred that this earliest of Savoy operas wouldn't sit well with a modern audience perhaps more used to watching American Idol reruns whilst typing "Katie to win OMG!!!! lol" into their Facebook status bar. However, she believes that, under her loving guidance, the cast and crew have crossed the barren mountains of anachronism, slain the Orcs of wordiness and dropped the Ring of Naff Dancing into the fiery chasm from whence it came. She hopes you enjoy the show.

Anna Stephenson - Musical Director
Anna Started her musical career at the age of 7 when she was given a recorder for Christmas. She then tried her hand at any instrument she could find, including the flue, piano, cello and bassoon. She joined the Suffolk Youth Wind Band at 13, playing the flute and the piccolo, moving up into the Suffolk Youth Orchestra a few years later and went on several European tours to play in locations such as Florence and Disneyland! Leaving secondary school with a Grade VII in flute, piano and voice, she then completed an ABRSM Diploma during her gap year.

In her 2nd term at York, Anna became Musical Director of the Glee Singers and was very pleased to be asked to take on the role for 'The Sorcerer'. She is very excited about finally living one of her dreams of conducting an orchestra.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys juggling fire and studying for her Physics degree.

Michael Houston - Technical Director
Michael first joined the chorus of the society in 2006, four months after graduating. Despite being involved heavily with other musical societies on campus while a student, he somehow resisted the lure of donating all his free time to the G&S society. Once that threshold was crossed however, there was no turning back, and he has proceeded to fill a number of roles in the society, including several appearances in the chorus and the role of Pish-Tush in last year's production of The Mikado.

This year he has taken on the challenge of directing the technical aspects of the show, and is finding the shift to a purely back-stage role to be just as fulfilling (and hard work) as treading the boards.


The Awards for The Sorcerer 2010 were given out as follows:
Best Female Singer: Sarah David
Best Male Singer: Daniel Wilmot
Best Female Dancer:
Best Male Dancer:
Best Female Chorus Member: Sian Lomax
Best Male Chorus Member: James E. Butterworth
Hottest Female:
Hottest Male:
Best Accent: Lauren Mathews
Best Bodger: Chris Armstrong
The 'And Cheeks Likewise, Miss' Award for Best Arse: Helena Culliney
Cutest Couple: Thomas Nichol and Ed Hartshorne
The 'With A Halo Of Hair My His Face Be Surrounded' Award For Best Sideburns: Peter Estdale

Note: There was a concerted effort this year to award James Gaughan every prize going, to the effect that he was generally second in categories such as Best Female Dancer.

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