The Sorcerer 2001

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The Sorcerer was the 29th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall 15th-17th February, 2001. Tickets were £7 and £4 for concessions.

The chair was Tim Towers.

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Tabitha King

Assistant Director
Helen Shepherd

Musical Director
Martin Hughes


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre - Tom Paine
Alexis - Tom Indge
Dr. Daly - Nicholas Temperley
John Wellington Wells - Alex Holland
The Notary - Jesper Phillips
Lady Sangazure - Alison Duncan
Aline - Sarah McLaren
Mrs. Partlet - Penny Grant
Constance, her Daughter - Joy Ruff

Rachel Green
Louise Pullen
Katie Ashmore
Rachel Frith
Rachel Moss
Jenny Share
Jane De Gruchy
Helen Shepherd
Jenny Simon
Julia Straw
Tessa Brailsford

Tim Towers
Grant Hoyle
Phillip Kerrigan
Douglas Johnson
Michael Prior-Jones
Peter Taylor

Rachel Green
Katie Ashmore
Jenny Share
Helen Shepherd
Louise Pullen


Violin - Abbey Fisher (Leader), Claire Burn, Lucy Phillips, Christine Connolly, Claire Merritt
Viola - Khwaja Jalil, Chris Bluemel
Cello - Carla Robbie, David Hammond
Flute/Piccolo - Elizabeth Cook, Emma Tatnall, Robert Marchant
Oboe - Liz Rutherford
Clarinet - Polly Rolfe, Caz Gillman
French Horn - Alexandra Marsden, Andrew Cowley
Trumpet - Matt Neighbour
Trombone - Charlie Hanover, Anna Marshall
Synthesizer - Mark Swinton
Percussion - Toby Wardman

Repetiteur - Mark Swinton
Rehearsal Pianist - Tom Indge

Technical Crew

Production Manager - Ollie Nash
Assistant Production Manager - Simon Thompson
Deputy Production Manager - Steven Cox
Stage Manager - David Tropman
Set Design - Ollie Nash
Set Construction - Ollie Nash, Simon Thompson, Steven Cox, Nick Temperley, David Tropman, Peter Taylor and members of the cast
Sound Operator - Ollie Nash
Lighting Operator - Steven Cox
Stage Crew - Simon Thompson, David Tropman


President - Thomas Round
Vice-President - Bruce Walton
Honorary Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chair - Tim Towers
Secretary - Alison Duncan
Treasurer - Douglas Johnson
Press & Publicity - Tom Paine, Tom Indge
Costumes - Louise Pullen
Ordinary Members - Nick Temperley


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