Show Week

Show Week is usually Week 6 of the Spring Term. It begins with getting into Central Hall and ends with getting out of Central Hall. Exact times may vary depending on times booked in the Social Events Form. The keys to Central Hall can be collected from the Security Centre, who should know that there is a show (ensure the alarm is OFF before opening the door).


Often, this will overlap slightly with the previous users getting out. After a rehearsal/run-through (which is actually a sneaky way of ensuring that everyone is there), two Goodricke Trolleys will be needed to cart all the equipment from the Container to Central Hall. This can be then moved upstairs into the auditorium. As much preliminary work as possible should be done, particularly, moving costumes into the dressing rooms, the Technical Director will brief the cast and crew on health & safety and new members of the cast should be taken around Central Hall to familiarise themselves with it.

If there is enough people with enough willpower (often this can follow an entire day of rehearsing), the set can be erected. This naturally will depend on how complex the set is.

An alternative arrangement is to move into Central Hall and use the time in the evening for a run-through, although this will probably be with no sound or lighting and probably very little set, no orchestra pit and no technical equipment set up. This is often not possible depending on timing or on health & safety grounds.

Stage props and matching weights can be found in an outside cupboard in Central Hall. This is a cupboard with a blue door, to stage right just outside the backstage area. These are important for securing the set. Some may be in the container.


Run through with orchestra. The orchestra pit should be up by now.


Technical Rehearsal

This involves a run through by the cast and crew. The aim of this is to ensure all lighting cues have been made correctly and to establish timing of special effects. Often, the Technical Direct, Director or Lighting Manger will tell the cast to skip songs, skip dialogue or repeat certain scenes. This means that as much time as possible is spent working on the effects rather than listening to pages of dialogue that just require a single lighting cue.

Usually the orchestra is not present at this point, as it is easier for the repetiteur to move back and forward as needed than the entire orchestra.


Dress Rehearsal

The entire show is run as if it were the opening night.


Show opens, 7:30 pm start, doors open 7:00pm


Show, 7:30 pm start, doors open 7:00pm


Matinee 2:30 pm start, doors open 2:00pm
Show 7:30 pm start, doors open 7:00pm

The Get Out and Crash

After the final show, Central Hall must be emptied. It is best not to tell the cast the location of the Crash in case they decide to "have important things to do" then turn up all freshly showered and changed. The set must be dropped, sound and lighting desks cleared, dressing rooms emptied and the whole auditorium cleaned. With good organisation and the entire cast/crew helping, this can be done before midnight.

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