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The role of secretary is an important one in the committee. As part of the executive you must be a current member of the university. The secretary assists the chair in making sure that everything in committee runs smoothy.


Every week at the committee meeting the secretary takes the minutes of the meeting, and later emails these out to the rest of the committee along with an action plan so that everyone can see what they have to do and when.


The secretary may also send out the weekly emails, and reply to emails in the society account, but it is best to check with the Chair exactly who has which emailing duties to avoid confusion and multiple emails. The address for emailing the society is||lla-cos-sdnag.

List maintainance

The secretary has responsiblity for keeping the lists up to date. To do this, you will need to log in to the administrator account (found here: and log in with the society password. Members can be added and deleted here. We also have three other lists: gands-soc-1 which is being developed as a FOGS email list, gands-soc-2 which can be used by the technical director to email the tech crew, and gands-soc-3 which is an orchestra list, and used by the musical director. The secretary should liase with the technical director and musical director about upkeep of these lists and help them use them.


Currently, Lois produces the FOGS newsletter, and the secretary emails this out to the members of FOGS. These are currently in an Excel document, but will shortly be in gands-socs-1 to make it easier to keep and update.

Events Forms

One of the most important things a secretary has to do is to fill in the events forms - the procedure around this often changes so keep an eye on information from YUSU or the University regarding them.

There are numerous kinds of events, Minor Social Events, and Standard Social Events being the most relevant and important, but both now require only one form to be filled in. This is where you tick all the boxes saying how many people are turning up, what is going to happen and whether smoke, strobe or pyrotechnics will be used. Currently, any society activity that isn't just a "meeting" requires an event form, will full Health & Safety trimmings, filled in 2-3 weeks in advance; as this is impractical and nonsensical for many societies, YUSU have stated that this can be waived in practice.

Both a main show and summer show are classed as "major" events, so require a little more care and more advance notice. The University require the form to be completed 21 days in advance of the event, but it's advised to do this as soon as possible - perhaps two months in advance rather than one. Other members of committee will be able to help with filling in the form, so ask for help.

Once the form in filled in, just follow the instructions on the Word document and email it to gro.usuy|rotanidroocstne#gro.usuy|rotanidroocstne. They should pass it on to the appropriate people. Advice is also available from YUSU.


LINKS are the student branch of St.John Ambulance, and we need them at every show that we do. The secretary is responsible for booking LINKS. Email LINKS at gro.usuy|sknil#gro.usuy|sknil and they will send you the forms you need. Fill those in (remembering that LINKS need to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show) and put them in the LINKS pigeon hole in the SU building.


Every show needs stewards to look after people as they come in, and then guard the fire exits. They get to see the show for free and sell tickets. Central Hall events will need 6-8 stewards for each performance - so start finding them quickly! (Parents can be stewards, helpfully.) Langwith events need fewer stewards - the number will be on the events form or Heath and Safety (gro.usuy|ytefas#gro.usuy|ytefas) should be able to tell you how many you need. The secretary needs to email around looking for stewards and remind the society to get their friends etc to be stewards. Prospective stewards should email the account, and the secretary should keep a note of when they can help out. During Show Week, the stewards should be emailed telling them what time they need to arrive (normally an hour before the show for Central Hall, 30/45 minutes for Langwith.)

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