Ruddigore 1984

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Ruddigore was the 12th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 23rd-25th February 1984. Tickets were £2 and £1.50 (£1.75 and £1.25 for OAPs, students and the unemployed).

The chair was Kate Hickman.




Julie Leydon

Assistant Director
Saira Todd

Musical Director
David Keeffe


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd - Wealands Bell
Richard Dauntless - Ashley Wilson
Sir Despard Murgatroyd - Grant Sherwood
Old Adam Goodheart - Graig McLeish
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - John Wall
Rose Maybud - Judith Cunnold
Dame Hannah - Hilary Lonsdale
Mad Margaret - Jo Rondel
Zorah - Mariette Elsdon
Ruth - Kathryn Gilfoy

Julie Brown
Catherine Keeffe
Sarah Macdonald
Catherine Duke
Debbie Holmes
Kate Hickman
Sarah Page
Kathryn Soper

Villagers of Rederring
Tessa Square
Lynne Baker
Katie Sykes
Maxine Squire
Johanna Worthen
Lynn Marston
Linda Foster
Anandi Ramamurthy
Hazel Whittaker
Rachel Clark
Meg Davis
Zoe Hughes
Christine Fidler
Stephanie Leeman
Catherine Wardle
Wanda Whitely
Helen Dobson

Bucks and Blades/ Ancestors
Phil Hollman
Jonathan Kneebone
Keith W. Hay
Andrew Mitchell
Mark Stoppard
Andy Boon
Stewart Arnott
Chris Boot
Graham Spencer
Timothy Brown
Ian Carruthers
Michael Craddock
Simon Roitt
Ashley Johnson
Andy Langdon
Philip Banks
David Blyth
Colin Campbell

Production Team

Choreography - Stewart Arnott and Julie Leydon
Stage Manager - Bruce Walton
Lighting - Adrian Jones, Martin Atkins, Michael Bradbury
Sound - Tim Brooks
Costume Design - Catherine Keeffe
Production of Costumes - Catherine Keeffe and team
Set Design and Construction - Bruce Walton, Ian Carruthers, Julie Leydon, Kate Hickman
Portrait Artist - Dominic Macdonald
Make-Up - Saira Todd and team
Poster Design - Ian Carruthers
Ticket Sale s- Ian Carruthers and Hazel Whitaker
Front of House - Hazel Whitaker, Cathy Linacre and team


President - Lord George Howard
Vice-President - Patrick Moore
Honorary Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chair - Kate Hickman
Secretary - Andrew Mitchell
Treasurer - Ian Carruthers

Catherine Keeffe (Costumes)
Hazel Whitaker (Room Bookings)
Maxine Squire (Programme)
Christine Fidler (Publicity)
Mark Stopard (Charity Organiser)
David Keeffe
Julie Leydon
Saira Todd

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