Ruddigore 1976

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Ruddigore was the fourth show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall in February 1976.

The chair was Margaret Maclure.



A Message From The President

Honorary President: Donald Adams
Honorary Vice-President: Frank Banks, B.A.

As President of York University Gilbert & Sullivan Society, I welcome you to this production of "Ruddigore". I am sure you will enjoy yourselves this evening as much as this talented Society will enjoy entertaining you. I look forward to welcoming you at future times at performances of other Gilbert and Sullivan Operas by this Society.


Stephen Errey
Musical Director
Ken Roberts


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd - Paul Pascoe
Richard Dauntless - Brian Kennedy
Sir Despard Murgatroyd - Chris Rees
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - Malcolm Chase
Old Adam Goodheart - Gordon Wells
Rose Maybud - Lyndsey Durant
Mad Margaret - Susan Pounds
Dame Hannah - Margaret Maclure
Zorah - Ann Burdett-Smith
Ruth - Alison Wedgbury

Helen Corran
Petrina Fridd
Heather Hartney
Sharron Hourigan
Ann Jarvis
Debbie Keiter
Virginia Lewis
Sally Milton
Patricia Rowland
Susan Smith
Lesley Somerville
Jackie Sumner
Dorothy Thompson
Anne Watkins

Bucks and Blades, Ghosts
Alex Abiola
David Baines
Devid Fletcher
Richard Forrest
Geoff Gibson
Gordon James
Del Palmer
Richard Street
Ian Suttie
Ashley Wilson


Leader- Jonathan Trout

Tim Bayley, Sheila Benney, Simon Clarke, Elizabeth Clough, Susan Featherstone, Michael Geake, Anne Henkel, Valeerie Hudson, Barabara Larder, Stuart Murdoch, Gillian Persicke, Helen Reece, Joseph Reynolds, Jane Roberts, Penelope Rowland, Bob Scott, Rosemary Smith, Jonathan Stoneman, Richard Stoneman, David Tidy, Judith Urwin, Anne Whitehouse, Roger Wilcock

Production Team

Stage Manager - Keith Scholes
Staging, Scenery, Props - John Blake, Stephen Ind, Paul Marriott, Katherine Ormerod, Rupert Powell, Mike Stone
Lighting - Mike Blakestone, Nigel Sealey
Sound - Albert Deakin
Photographs - Gordon James
Costumes - Pauline Clark, Sharron Hourigan
Make-up - Jo Batch, Barabara Beckett, Karen Clarke, Anne Freear, Lesley Heyes, Gail Horsley, Carole Walton
Publicity - Nick Cater, Margaret Maclure
Poster & Programme Design - John Blake
Front of House - David Atkin, Frank Banks, Pamela Banks, Dinah Brook, Sylvia Ellis, Stephen Ind, Kirun Nanchahal, Katherine Ormerod, Audry Price, Rosemary Stamp


Chairperson - Margaret Maclure
Secretary - Alison Wedgbury
Treasurer - Richard Street
Ordinary Members - David Fletcher, Sharron Hourigan, Brian Kennedy, Keith Scholes, Susan Smith

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