Ruddigore 2016

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Ruddigore was the 44th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 25th-28th February 2016.

The chair was Lydia Worrall.




Artistic Directors
Jenny Jones
Claire Smith

Musical Director
Chloe Reynolds

Technical Director
Dan Wade


Robin Oakapple - Chris Murphy
Richard Dauntless - Jacob Taylor
Sir Despard Murgatroyd - Stefan Grant
Old Adam Goodheart - Peter May
Rose Maybud - Hannah Cross
Mad Margaret - Annabel Gipp
Dame Hannah - Eleanor Dunsdon
Zorah - Victoria Price
Ruth - Lydia Worrall

The Former Baronets of Ruddigore
Sir Rupert - Sam Lees
Sir Jasper - Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Sir Lionel - Callam Neville
Sir Conrad - David Charter
Sir Desmond - Euan Brook
Sir Gilbert - Adrian Horan
Sir Mervyn - Alex Davison
Sir Roderic - Chris Oates

Corps of Professional Bridesmaids
Alice Rathbone
Hannah Scregg
Jess Burgess
Miriam Gibson
Emily Pratt
Megan Havers

Bucks & Blades
Rob Carpenter
Liam Penny
Azam Caesar


Violin 1 - Maxim Del Mar, Ross Hume
Violin 2 - Ella Coen, Peter Dewey
Viola - Poppy Egan, Nikhil Kotecha
Cello - Ella Dufton, Sarah Kegerreis
Double Bass - Barrington Brook
Flute - Hannah Takats, Megan Dawes
Oboe - Rachel Higgs
Clarinet - Katherine Williams, Rosie Palmer
Horn - Samantha Gunn, Sam Haysom
Trumpet - Daniel Dickson, Benedict Merry
Trombone - Mike Simpson, Ollie Pickup
Percussion - Ed Muscutt, Jenny Jones (Friday)

Repetiteurs - Tim Norman, Josh Griffith

Production Team

Techies - Emily Blackman-Gibson, Emily Parker, Tom Gardner
Costume - Dress Circle Costume Hire
Hair & Makeup - George Pugh, Charlotte Gower
Props - Charlotte Gower
Programme Design - Jenny Jones
Photography - Eleanor Dunsdon
Videography - Headley & Gnome

The Pretty Committee

Chair - Lydia Worrall
Secretary - Claire Smith
Treasurer - Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Press & Publicity - Adrian Horan, Eleanor Dunsdon, Jenny Jones
Webmaster - Alice Rathbone
Sponsorship, Fundraising & Outreach - Peter May
Social Secretaries - Alex Davison, Dan Wade
Ordinary Members - Hannah Scregg, Jess Douglas, Miriam Gibson


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