Ruddigore 2008

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Ruddigore was the 36th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 14th-16th February 2008.

The chair was Lauren Mathews.




Artistic Directors
Andy Lawson
Chris Charlton

Musical Director
Fiona Constantine

Technical Director
Chris Armstrong


Robin Oakapple - Thomas Newby
Richard Dauntless - J Mark Pim
Sir Despard Murgatroyd - James Duckworth
Old Adam Goodheart - James Gaughan
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - James Knowles
Rose Maybud - Emma Bradley
Dame Hannah - Lauren Mathews
Mad Margaret - Freya Jacklin
Zorah - Lauren Wade
Ruth - Morven Hamilton

Production Team

Stage Manager – Vinca Russel
Assistant Stage Manager – Natalie Rukuts
Lighting Manager – Andy Vick
Sound Manager – Peter Harbottle
Sound Assistant – Sarah Case
Follow Spot Operators – Ellen Cain and Ian Shaw

The Pretty Committee

Chair – Lauren Mathews
Secretary – Jackie Smithers
Treasurer – Thomas Newby
Press and Publicity – Megan Bryan and Morven Hamilton
Webmaster – Michael Houston
Ordinary Members – Jim Durdin, James Gaughan, James Knowles and Lauren Wade


Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (with commentary)


Ruddigore 2008 was staged in Central Hall. The current standard set was used, with a few minor modifications:

  • A centre entrance using the "Tetris Pieces" from the Kaleidoshow set was used in act one.
    • The curtains were rigged to pull back like theatre curtains so that a projections screen could be revealed.
    • In act two, a fire place section was placed in front of the entrance for Roderick to appear from.
  • Framed portraits were placed on the act two set. These were covered by a second set of flats during act one, which were screwed directly onto the flats behind.
    • The portraits could be covered by a black curtain with attached boom; these worked mostly like Roman blinds, and were lowered and raised when the ghosts appeared and disappeared.
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