Room Booking

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How to book

Rooms can be booked in 2 ways. An e-mail to||822nmda is best for complicated room bookings or those bookings which are of a general nature such as Thursday rehearsals (i.e., booking out the same venue on the same day and time for every week of the term). The second is on the planon system accessed by the main York site-A to Z-roombookings. The society user name and password will be required. This method is best for the short term and checking if rooms are free. The requiremtns will also include a number of people. 40 is standard for chorus rehearsals. The number doesn’t have to be precise, a large number may encourage room bookings services to not throw the society out of larger rooms (essential for blocking and run through rehearsals) in favour of other societies.

This: is one of the most useful pages in the entire university system. Use it to access planon or to view what rooms you currently have booked.

What to book

The events requiring rooms are Tuesday (often varied depending on the principals and directors availability) principal rehearsals, Thursday (traditional day for the society's "main" meeting) chorus rehearsals, Saturday set building and Sunday rehearsals. Shows are usually booked using the social events forms, however room bookings will need to be contacted to confirm.

As a rule of thumb the order of preference for chorus rehearsals is L/N/028, G/HALL, L/N/002, L/036, L/047, L/037, D/056. If at all possible try to get the same room each week. Many of the rooms will need chairs to be cleared out of the way first, these can be stacked by the whole society. L/N/028 will need the seats retracted, this can be done by specifying on the room booking or contacting the Porters prior to the rehearsal. Room bookings may try to tell you it takes extra time, actually it takes 5 minutes but they adjust the bookings anyway, which may cut down the time you're able to book the room for.

Principal rehearsals generally take place in a Langwith practice room which can’t be booked in advance or in L/037.
Set building should take place in G/HALL due to it's close proximity to the container and easy access. Although L/N/028 is an acceptable alternative if there is no choice in the matter, it is not preferred because of the distance required and the fact that it is all "shiny and new" (sort of) (ha ha).

Video nights (generally week 10 in term 2 and 3) are best in L/N/028 or V/045 for the tiered seating.

Show bookings

The central hall booking for the show is generally made as soon after the last as possible. The Summer Show in L/N/028 also requires 3 additional rooms for dressing rooms and a first aid room. Any of the Langwith rooms listed above, except L/N/002, are fine for this purpose.

Complexities and Foibles

All rooms should be booked as far in advance as possible. Emailing room bookings with all the recurring bookings required for the coming year (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, show weeks) prior to the start of the autumn term helps both them and us sort out what's needed. There will still be problems to be sorted and additional bookings to be made but it helps get consistent rooms. This year we had, by the end of freshers' week, got rooms booked for every Tues, Thurs and Sunday rehearsal right through to June.

Room bookings policy on L/N/028 and G/hall is that where there's a clash of availability time will be divided between societies (eg we may get it weeks 5 and 9, another soc weeks 2 and 7 etc). Allocations for these rooms are decided after other rooms. Therefore it's a good idea to book in advance another room that we can use every week if we don't get L/N/028, otherwise you end up scrabbling to find whatever's free once other bookings have been made.

For any miscellaneous requests or days for which no booking has been accepted, planon is a quick way of filling the gap.

Just when you think you've got it all sorted, the conference park may decide that, despite whatever room bookings have done, they are going to book conferences of freemasons into the rooms you've got booked. This has happened twice (week 4 of the summer term/ mid May 2007 and 08) with G/hall. They don't bother to tell you in advance, so perhaps for this week next year we should check with the conference park! It's nobody's fault, just a communications breakdown somewhere in the dark depths of admin.

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