Risk Assessment

The following is an example risk assessment. This can be used with minimal changes as there are several constants that never change. Specifics will have to be changed and anything important for that specific show should be included. The descriptions only need to be short and concise. Peter Kidd needs to be given a copy of this prior to the show (gro.usuy|ytefas#gro.usuy|ytefas) and will transfer the information onto a standard risk assessment form which will be returned to the society early in show week where it should be recieved and signed by the Technical Director and/or the Stage Manager or a Director. Other members of the Committee should be aware of this process.

Gilbert & Sullivan Society – Ruddigore

Risk Assessment

Location: Central Hall

Dates: Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th February
Production: 14th 15th 16th February 7.30pm. (Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm)

Concerned: Cast, Technical Crew, Stewards, Musicians

Responsible: Christopher Armstrong, (Technical Director) Chris Charlton and Andrew Lawson (Directors) Fiona Constantine (Musical Director)


The flats will be supported by braces weighted with stage weights and the shape itself will be self supporting. The area around the braces will be taped off and cast will not be behind the set except for access to the central entrance/exit. In the case of using this entrance, the cast will be instructed to be careful and only a small number will use it at any onetime.

The exits are 1.2m wide so can act as fire escapes for the cast.

The set change involves placing additional flats against the existing main set. These will be bolted securely to the wooden frame of the set and/or weighted down as necessary. A self bench will be on stage and required to support the weight of one cast member, this will be constructed solidly of wood and tested thoroughly before its use on stage.


The technical gear in central hall is to be used and is all supervised by the audio visual department. Microphones are being hired for use in the show. There will be 4 microphones on the front of the stage with wires running along the front of the stage to the loom to the balcony. There will be 12 radio microphones.

The orchestra will need power and all trailing wires will be taped down.

All ladder and gantry work will be done when central hall is not full of people, gantry work will be performed with AV Staff. Signs will be placed on the doors displaying overhead rigging warnings.

All electrical equipment will be PAT tested and used only by experienced persons.


Some sound and light effects will be used but no pyrotechnics or strobe lighting.

Front of House

There will be 8 stewards for each performance. They will be briefed on safety and fire evacuation. There will be two LINKS first aiders in the auditorium with access to the First Aid Room in Central Hall.

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