RESET1 is a project begun in early 2009 to rebuild the society's set from scratch. This replaces the previous set (Built in 2005 under the supervision of TD Andy Vick) which has since been cannibalised into various other things, including a large central entrance, a 12ft cannon and two pagodas.


The features of the new set:

  • Several 8ft x 4ft flats.
  • A number of smaller/different shaped flats with compatible dimensions:
    • Half height (4ft x 4ft)
    • Half width (8ft x 2ft)
    • Isoceles triangle (4ft x 4ft)
    • Full-height triangle (8ft x 4ft)
  • Regularly spaced bolt holes for flexibility.
  • Lapped dovetail joints for sturdiness.
  • Doorways that can be fitted either with curtains or doorways.
  • Multiple bolt holes to allow for greater flexibility (the ability to construct one large flat or multiple buildings for example)
  • Ability to construct 3D shapes for the set, not just a flat backdrop


You have the opportunity to sponsor a flat. This will be indicated by a small plaque on the back of the flat, on the website/wiki and in programmes for years to come. Details and price yet to be determined.

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