Please briefly summarise your society’s achievements in the past year:

We ran a highly successful production of Gilbert & Sullivan's most popular work, 'The Mikado', followed by two smaller Gilbert & Sullivan concerts in Goole and Pocklington in Term 2 and concerts of more modern musical theatre pieces in Term 3 in Heslington and St. Lawrence's churches.

Please give a short synopsis of your plans for next year, including how you aim to develop your members:

We hope to put on 'The Sorcerer' in Term 2 as well as a smaller musical or concert in Term 3. We hope to recruit many new members in order to widen our talent pool, whilst continuing to be totally inclusive, with a non-auditioning chorus and no experience needed for our technical crew. The bulk of these we hope to recuit at Freshers' Fair, whilst also drawing on other advertising methods such as postering. The composer and librettist Gilbert & Sullivan have had a huge impact on British culture which we feel is largely unrealised by the populace, and we hope to bring more people to their works through our inclusiveness and high-quality performances. We also service the wider community by giving concerts off-campus.

We also hope to complete the building of a new and better set, as the old one had fallen into disrepair, and creating a set of our own Victorian costumes, both of which will stand us in good stead for the future, meaning we will be able to save money in future productions by using our own set and costumes rather than hiring from elsewhere.

Do you fundraise for a charity other than RAG? If yes, please give details:

No. To do so would violate ultra vires laws, which they've spent a lot of time promoting this year, so I don't really know why they're asking us this except to try and catch us out

Roughly how much additional storage space do you require for the coming year?

Currently we have several hampers of costumes and material (about 4-5 cubic metres of physical space). Although the container behind the sports centre is just about large enough for this, conditions in the container aren't great for cloth and we may run out of space as we are extending the size of our set in the coming year. If it would be possible to get separate, additional storage for costumes, it would be a massive help and would probably save the costumes being ruined in the current container.


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a. We are a musical society that performs two shows a year: Primarily a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta and another musical of choice in the summer term.

b. We develop the singing, dancing, and acting abilities of our cast.

c. We are inclusive of all and hold no auditions for the chorus and requiring no previous experience to join our technical crew.

d. We perform community service in holding concerts in local areas.

e. Our primary focus is enjoyment in rehearsing, constructing, and performing our shows.


There shall be a committee, made up of members, who MUST be members of the Students' Union. The Committee shall include the following, suggested but not necessarily consisting of:

Chairperson, whose duty it will be to represent the Society where necessary, and chair all meetings of the Society.

Secretary, who shall call and keep account of all meetings of the Society, and deal with all correspondence.

Treasurer, who shall keep an audited account of the finances of the Society, to present this to the Annual General Meeting and to liaise with the YUSU Services and Finance Officer on matters of finance.



The G&S Society performs a Gilbert & Sullivan show in the spring term and another musical of choice in the summer term. We don't hold auditions for chorus parts and our main aim is to enjoy the experience of putting on a high quality show.


Risk assessment are code of practice uploadable as documents. Others require just small details that are already filled out. Equipment and members are added individually.

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