Production Manager

A Production Manager is a senior member of the stage team responsible for realising the vision of the directors. It was last used by Andy Vick in 2006's performance of Patience and before that by Toby Long-Leather and David Pumfrey in the early 1990s. The job of the PM is wide reaching, and takes into account aspects of design, technical execution and financial management.

The main responsibilities of a PM in the world of York G&S shows are:

  • Health and safety management
  • Liasing with Univeristy or venue staff
  • Set design
  • Set construction and timing
  • Buying and hiring
  • Financial planning for the show
  • Overall responsibility (i.e., nominated RP)

Where a PM role isn't used, these activities are usually taken up by the committee, namely the Secretary or the Technical Director. Where the PM job involves design (such as with set) it overlaps partially with the other ad hoc role of Production Designer.

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