A guide to where to get things printed. See Idiots guide to Desktop Publishing for best practices on how to produce printed materials.


Use for big print jobs that need to look professional:

  • Posters
  • Programmes

A professional print shop in town - Reprotech building, near Micklegate - so only really appropriate for big print jobs (posters, programmes).

They are very helpful and are more than willing to give advice. They also have a very quick turnaround time; typically only a couple of days even for big jobs.

Phone - (01904) 644 006
Email -


An alternative to Reprotech - worth comparing quotes to get the best deal

Similar set up to Reprotech. They've recently moved to Kettlestring Lane, Clifton Moor, and have nice friendly staff.

We got the Ruddigore 08 portraits printed there and the Mikado 09 programmes.

University Print Room

Use for large publicity materials if needed (freshers fair displays for example)

Located upstairs in Market Square - the print room are mainly there for dissertation printing and binding and for departmental requirements.

I've personally1 never found a job that was suitable for them as their prices are quite high.

The SU

Use for big jobs where quality is less important

  • Freshers publicity
  • On campus fly-postering

The SU have a photocopier in the lobby for small black and white runs (they say for 50 or fewer). I believe the society still has a photocopying card with money on it - ask behind the desk, though you'll almost certainly need to be a member of Exec to use it.

There is also a printing assistant who has more heavy duty printers but only works mornings. Get your print jobs to her before lunch and they'll be ready by the afternoon.

Be warned! Their printing rules and charges are fairly draconian. A black and white photocopy from a single master is quite cheap, but if you want to print one copy of a 50 page document it will cost astronomically more than 50 copies of a one page document (for various silly technical reasons).

The best course is to ask for a quote upfront.

They will also (for a charge) guillotine things for you which can be useful.

Campus computers

Black and white printing costs 6p per side and colour costs 30p per side2. There is a colour printer in the main Langwith computer room which is opposite L/047.

Note that it's far quicker to print one document with 10 pages than 10 documents with 1 page each3

Campus photocopiers

As property experts say it's all about location, location, location. Here's an incomplete list of photocopying charges across campus:

Location Price for one B&W side Details
Physics 4p Located up the big central stairs by the porter's lodge. Cheapest photocopying on campus though has been out of order all summer (2007)
Music 5p Theoretically just for music students but no one will notice if you walk in during office hours to use it. As you enter go down the stairs in front of you.
Library 6p The photocopying room is opposite the lending desk as you walk in. You need a library photocopying card.
Your department ? Your department might have a photocopier. Go have an explore. It'll be like a really boring 80s fantasy movie.

Home printing

Often easier than faffing about getting stuff onto campus or to printers in the right format, but often much more time consuming. Don't forget you can charge the society for whatever you print, but you'll need three Exec signatures on the Orange form as you won't have a receipt.

Online printing

There are a number of sites which will accept an upload of a source file and post you the printed copies.

This is probably only good value for one-off or short run jobs - local printers will probably get you a better deal on high quantities.

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