The Pirates of Penzance 1990

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 18th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 22nd-24th February 1990. Tickets were £3.50 and £3, or £2.50 and £2 for concessions.

The chair was Alison Hulford.




Bruce Walton

Musical Director
Lynda Richardson


Major-General Stanley - Andrew MacCallum
The Pirate King - Erik Contzius
Samuel - Ashley Wilson
Frederic - Nicholas Cook
Sergeant of Police - Roland Martin
Mabel - Kathryn O'Mahoney
Edith - Lynda Johnson
Kate - Beverley Webster
Isabel - Liz Allen
Ruth - Sarah Branson

Bathing Belles and Walkers
Karen Atkinson
Sarah Bacon
Amanda Blakely
Rachel Bowen
Anna Cox
Kate Currey
Geraldine Darlington
Sally Deeming
Sandi Delosta
Alison Duncam
Emma Field
Margaret Frisby
Racehl Gordon-Blacker
Christine Harland
Berry Hopkins
Carole Horwood
Alison Hulford
Anne McDonald
Charlotte Moodie
Helen Neeves
Alison Nock
Lesley Parkinson
Claire Perkin
Vanessa Potter
Michelle Price
Carolyn Reinholdt
Elizabeth Southgate
Denise Squires
Rachel Stewart
Judy Sutherland
Annie Townson
Jo Tyszka
Lucy White
Stephanie Wilks
Julie Winkless
Barbara Logan

Pirates and Policemen
Chris Brennan
Mark Broomfield
Tom Duffy
James Geldard
Philip Gilliat
Don Goodeve
Owen Humphreys
Daniel Jenkins
Alistair Jolliffe
Jeremy Lowe
Peter Ramsey
John Sellars
John Sheppard
Peter Smith
Chris Taylor
Ian Weston

Production Team

Production Manager - Tom Duffy
Production Manager's Assistant - Ian Wesley
Lighting Designer - Martin Atkins
Lighting Assistants - Chris Barnes, Aamer Chaudhry, Gillian Smith
Sound Engineer - Susannah Gort
Assistant Sound Engineer - Doug Baillie
Set Design - Tom Duffy, Bruce Walton
Stage Manager - Rupert Hoare
Assistant Stage Manager - Caroline Dollings
Properties - Kanwardeep Kaur Narula
Make-Up - Jo Shingler
Scenery Artists - James Geldard, Deborah Bowers
Stage Crew - Simon Bartlett, Margaret Frisby, Don Goodeve, Alison Hulford, Michael Jewell, Jeremy Lowe, Charlotte Moodie, Lynda Richardson, Denise Squares, Nigel Wareing, Beverly Webster
Front of House - Alisa Carter-Waller, Simon Bartlett, Debra Chesnin, Julie Diaz, Tony Hammes, Jess Halliwell, Angela Plane, Ken Saunderson
Repetiteur - Anne Willie
Publicity & Programme - Alistair Jolliffe
Typesetting - Martin Atkins
Poster Designer - James Geldard
Orchestra - Members of the VanBar Ensemble
Photography - Rob Shrubsall


President - Michael Green
Vice-President - Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chairperson - Alison Hulford
Secretary - Margaret Frisby
Treasurer - Lynda Johnson
Press and Publicity - Alistair Jolliffe and Judy Sutherland
Costumes - Sarah Branson
Production - Tom Duffy
Ordinary Members - Liz Allen, Kate Currey, Charlotte Moodie


Although our dark careers ... Hail poetry

Extended Programme


The Pirate King- Erik Contzius
Erik is a visiting third-year student from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, studying Psychology and Music. This is Erik's first role in a G&S opera though past roles include: Simeon (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), Valentine (Twelfth Night) and Eugene Morris Jerome (Brighton Beach Memoirs).

Frederic- Nicholas Cook
Nick comes from Bristol and began his singing career as a chorister in Bristol Cathedral. Since then he has sung with the British Methodist Youth Choir (1983), and from 1985 he trained under Eric Ibler for four years, during which he sang in the Edinburgh University G&S Opera Group. Nick is currently doing an MSc in Biological Computation.

Samuel- Ashley Wilson/
Ashley works in the Biology Department and first sung with the Society 14 years ago, in Iolanthe. You may remember his much-acclaimed performances of Ralph (HMS Pinafore), Alexis, (The Sorcerer), Marco (The Gondoliers) and Nanki-Poo (The Mikado).

Sergeant of Police- Roland Martin
Roland comes from Gloucester and is a first-year English student. Although this is his first show with the Society, he has had many previous roles including: Don Pedro (Much Ado About Nothing), Bill Sykes (Oliver Twist), Moon (The Real Inspector Hound) and Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Major-General Stanley- Andrew MacCallum
Andrew comes from Cambridge (though incredibly via Sanderstead, Hartford USA and Barcelona!). He is currently doing a PGCE: teaching Economics at the Joseph Rowntree School. Past shows include: Matilda (when aged five and a half), and The Rise and Fall of the Charles Atlas Sisters. He has even, I'm told, auditioned for Footlights (Cambridge) as Paul Daniels' hairpiece!

Mabel- Kathryn O'Mahoney
Kath is a first-year Electronics student from Rochdale, sponsored by BR. Although this is her first show with the Society, she has sung in numerous concerts, shows and competitions. She has trained for five years with Christine Mills (formerly of RNCM). Apart from her obvious interests she is partial to rugby players!

Edith- Lynda Johnson
Lynda is a third-year biologist from the wilds north of Aberdeen, but really a Londoner at heart (hence lacking an accent!). She admits that she had never heard of G&S before coming to university but has since been in the past two shows, though this is her first principal role. She has sung in many choral and solo competitions both in the UK and abroad.

Kate- Beverley Webster
Beverley is a second-year mathematician, though she says it does not mean that she is illiterate! She is from Northampton and has appeared in the Northampton Gang Show, in their production of Godspell. This is her first show with the Society having been inspired to join after watching last year's show…

Isabel- Liz Allen
Liz is from nearby Goole and is studying for a Social Policy degree. She was last on stage in The Mikado, and before that she was a member of Goole Amateurs in Annie Get Your Gun (1982). She also, like Kath, plays rugby.

Ruth- Sarah Branson
Sarah is a second-year Music student from Cambridge and avows a great enjoyment for singing and acting, which fills a lot of her spare time. This is her second show with the Society having sung in The Mikado last year as a memorable Yum-Yum. (She is also engaged to the Major-General. Congratulations- ed.)

The Directors

Director- Bruce Walton
Bruce is from Scotland and is, we think, the world's finest 'G&S junkie'; he is also a computing instructor. Prior to becoming our director, he has been a dedicated member of the Society since 1982. Previous roles include Sir Joseph Porter (HMS Pinafore), Don Alhambra (The Gondoliers), and the Prince of Monte Carlo (The Grand Duke).

Musical Director- Lynda Richardson
Lynda is a third-year Musician (contrary to popular belief!) from Whitely Bay. She has quickly climbed from contadine (chorus member! -ed.) to repetiteur and now to the dizzy heights of MD, a position in which she excelled conducting a performance of last year's show with only 24 hours' notice. She has the distinction of being the shortest person ever to conduct in Central Hall!

Repetiteur- Anne Willie
Anne is a post-graduate Music student from Stratford-upon-Avon and although she originally began studying for a Chemistry degree in London, she was weaned away to Music College by G&S. She is studying for an MA in singing, and has taken the mantle of repetiteur 'just for fun' (and thank goodness she did, or we would have been lost without her! -ed.)


The show made a net profit of £2347.40. The full accounts can be found in the Archive.

Songs From The Shows

"Songs From The Shows was performed in St. Helen's Church, Escrick, on the 2nd November 1990 in aid of the church's restoration fund.


Pianist: Lynda Richardson
MD: John Hargreaves

Part I

Young Strephon
Strange Adventure!
When Frederick Was A Little Lad- Kate Currey
Refrain, Audacious Tar- Kath O'Mahoney, Ashley Wilson
When The Night Wind Howls- Mike Nash
List And Learn
Nightmare Song- Daniel Jenkins
You Understand?- Hugh Sorrill, Chris Brennan
HMS Pinafore Finale Act I

Part II

When The Foeman Bears His Steel
Wand'ring Minstrel- Hugh Sorrill
Now Wouldn't You Like- Jo Tyszka, Judy Sutherland
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore- Kath O'Mahoney, James Geldard, Daniel Jenkins
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
Sorry Her Lot- Kath O'Mahoney
Matter Patter- Julie Winkless, Mike Nash, Don Goodeve
Time Was When Love And I Were- Chris Brennan
Peers' Chorus
Alone But Not [sic] Alive- Jan Adderson
Fair Moon- Ashley Wilson
When A Wooer Goes A-Wooing- Julie Winkless, John Shepherd, Alistair Jolliffe, Alison Hulford
Dance A Cachucha

Summer Concert, Osbaldwick

A Concerted Evening of Highlights From The Operettas Of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan was perfomed in Osbladwick on 14th June 1990.


Young Strephon
Strange Adventure!
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore- Miranda Park, Ashley Wilson, Erik Contzius
Would You Know The Kind Of Maid- Nick Cook
List And Learn- Alison Hulford
Once I Was As Meek- John Sheppard, Jeremy Lowe
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
The Sun Whose Rays- Kate Currey
My Name Is John Wellington Wells- Erik Contzius
Tower Warders, Under Orders- Chris Brennan

Eagle High
All Hail Great Judge/ The Judge's Song- Daniel Jenkins
Now Wouldn't You Like- Jo Tyszka, Lynda Johnson
I Am So Proud- James Geldard, Don Goodeve, Tom Duffy
In A Doleful Train- Mark Bloomfield, Alison Hulford, Julie Winkless
If You Give Me Your Attention- Chris Brennan
A Model Of Decorum- Alistair Jolliffe, Daniel Jenkins, Alison Hulford, Barbara Logan
Sorry Her Lot- Lynda Johnson
March of the Peers
A Man Who Would Woo- Lynda Johnson, Alistair Jolliffe, Alison Hulford
Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes- Ashley Wilson
If You Go In- Mark Broomfield, Erik Contzius, Chris Brennan
Dance A Cachucha

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