The Pirates of Penzance 2013

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 41st show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 28th February-2nd March 2013.

The chair was Dan Stanford.




Artistic Directors
Chris Charlton-Mathews
Lauren Charlton-Mathews

Musical Director
Dan Meeson

Technical Director
Rob Phillips


Major-General Stanley – Stijn Hanson
The Pirate King – Ciaran Rafferty
Samuel – Thomas Newby
Frederic – Dan Stanford
Sergeant of Police – Jake Muffet
Mabel – Andrea Eklund
Edith – Sophia Carroll
Kate – Katie Wood
Isabel – Grace Morledge
Ruth – Morven Hamilton

Chorus of Pirates and Police
Sam Borin
Sam Bourne
Peter Chiles
Peter Estdale
Matthew Kitchen
Stuart Roberts

Chorus of Major-General Stanley’s Daughters
Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong
Jessie Clark
Sophie Collerton
Charlotte Gower
Dorothee Linke
Natalie Sanderson

Violin I - Vicky Colbourne, Sian Lomax, James Scollick
Violin II - Katy Devine, Helen Duyvesteyn, Rachel Smith
Viola - Lucy Armstrong, Joanna Nicholas
Cello - Juliette Carter, Elvria Rey Redondo
Double Bass - Twm Dylan
Flute - Amy Pearson, Ceri Williams
Clarinet - Maddie Cole, Jessica Mott, Tim Wingard
Oboe - Jessica Herbert
Bassoon - Michael Cooper, Carolina Rivas McQuire
French Horn - Oliver Wass
Trumpet - Jeremy Bushnell, Imogen Norman
Trombone - Matt Banister, Paul Freedman
Percussion - Tim Boxall

Repetiteur: Andy Fowles

Peter Estdale
Chris Armstrong
Emily Blackman-Gibson
Emily Parker

Chair - Dan Stanford
Secretary - Alex Wakelam
Treasurer - Sophie Collerton
Press & Publicity - Morven Hamilton, Rob Philips
Webmaster - Stijn Hanson
Sponsorship & Outreach - Grace Morledge, Dan Meeson
Social Secretaries - Thomas Newby, Sam Borin, Chris Charlton-Mathews, Helena Culliney
Ordinary Members - Annabel Medland, Lauren Charlton-Mathews


Synopsis (from the blurb by Morven Hamilton):

The Pirates of Penzance: a scourge on the coasts of South West England – or they would be, if they were even remotely good at being pirates.

In point of fact, if they can’t buck up their act, this might be their last stand, because their former comrade, Frederick, has fallen in love with the daughter of a local Major General, and vowed to eliminate the pirates and their beloved airship. Can the pirates survive to swashbuckle another day? Will Frederick get the girl in the end? Can the local police ever actually manage to arrest somebody?

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance is a celebrated classic, and now The University of York Gilbert and Sullivan Society are putting our own twist on this piratical adventure. With some of Sullivan’s best music and Gilbert’s most spurious jokes, The Pirates of Penzance is a hugely entertaining musical that everyone should see.

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