The Pirates of Penzance 2007

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 35th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 15th-17th February 2007.

The chair was Andy Lawson.




J. Mark Pim
Chris Charlton-Mathews

Musical Director
Robbie Berryman

Technical Director
Chris Armstrong


Major-General Stanley- Andy Lawson
The Pirate King- Jim Durdin
Samuel- James Knowles
Frederic- Matt Ferguson
Sergeant of Police- James Duckworth
Mabel- Emma Bradley
Edith- Julia Weatherley
Kate- Lauren Mathews
Isabel- Frankie Thomas
Ruth- Fiona Constantine

Chorus of Pirates and Police
James Gaughan
Nigel Holdsworth
Michael Houston
Nick Lay
Thomas Newby
James Quelch
Stuart Roberts
Bill Ruddock

Chorus of General Stanley's Daughters
Siobhan Barrass
Helen Bourne
Eve Branston
Megan Bryan
Ellen Cain
Lois Cross
Leah Duffield
Alison Foster
Morven Hamilton
Helen Lay
Christine Lees
Danielle Neville
Hannah Nierstrasz
Sally Rowe
Jackie Smithers
Lauren Wade


Violin 1- Alice Bartosinski, Ed Kendall, Harry Lund
Violin 2- Esi Amonoo-Kuofi, Michelle Garner
Viola- Jenny Miles
Cello- Heather Laws, Becca Sourse
Double Bass- Sam Barton
Flute- Frances Charlwood, David Hiley
Oboe- Tim Olive-Besly
Clarinet- Rachel Baguley, Jennifer Paley
Bassoon- Beth Hughes, Richard Byrne-Smith
Horn- Michael Slater, Gavin Whitworth
Trumpet- Carys Hyden, Tom Keene
Trombone- Philippa Bellis, Matt Fuller
Percussion- Adam Leith

Production Team

Stage Manager- Max Weitzmann
Lighting Manager- Steven Day
Sonud Manager- Peter Harbottle
Sound Assistant- Sarah Case
Follow-Spot Operators- Matthew Greenaway, Steven Purvis
Backstage Assistant- Daisy Davies


Chair- Andy Lawson
Secretary- Frankie Thomas
Treasurer- Matt Ferguson
Press and Publicity- Leah Duffield, Helen Lay, J. Mark Pim
Ordinary Members- Lauren Mathews, Thomas Newby, Stuart Roberts
Webmaster- Nick Lay
Archivist- Lois Cross


When the foeman bears his steel

Extended Programme

Director's Notes

Directing perhaps Gilbert and Sullivan's most-loved collaboration was always going to present us with a unique series of challenges: how to marry the spirit of Gilbert's witty and moving dialogue, and of Sullivan's most vibrant music, with our own unique take on life? How to treat respectfully the memorable and well-known showstoppers without allowing familiarity to breed contempt? How to stave off the omnipresent cultural reference to Capt. Jack Sparrow? And how, dear Lord, to do all this for less money than the cost of a second-hand Skoda? We've given it our best shot, and we're really rather proud of it. We'd love to hear your thought too though- please email your fulsome praise, constructive criticism, abuse or threats to ku.oc.kroysg|setarip#ku.oc.kroysg|setarip. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Zombie Cowboy Robot Vampire Pirates of Penzance…
On fire!
On ice!
On a plane!
In space…
Oh. Oh I see. Sorry boss…

Director- J. Mark Pim
Mark has been in the society one year less than far-too-long but at least one year more than sanity allows. He can usually be found telling naughty jokes to people who should tell him to shut up (or buy him a drink as hush money, hint hint). He lives in South Bank with two printers and a rapidly dying house-plant. His part trick is describing the colours he associates with people's names.

Director- Chris Charlton-Mathews
Chris has spent the last year peddling himself as a venerable sage to any member of the society foolish enough to confuse longevity with wisdom. He has a high tolerance for good red wine and a low tolerance for Mark's jokes. This year, his house in Fulford will not be used for the after-show party, which excites him. Chris affects an air which many mistake for arrogance; he is, in fact, just better than other people.

Musical Director- Robbie Berryman
After almost three years of improving his crossword solving as rehearsal pianist, Robbie became MD last summer. He is also chair of the university Concert Band, where he plays cornet and horn. In his spare time he does a physics degree.

The Cast

Major-General Stanley- Andy Lawson
This is Andrew's fifth show with the society and despite many testing times he must be enjoying it because now he's risen through the ranks to be our chairman. This has been Andrew's most testing role to date due to the fact that he doesn't get fawned over by the female chorus: we attempted to rectify this but then realised that the female chorus were playing his daughters and the show wouldn't pass health and safety.

The Pirate King- Jim Durdin
Jim "The Dandy" Durdin, though naturally a rough man, leading a rough life, has masqueraded as a charismatic, charming, suave, witty, handsome, intelligent… (continued in autobiography pages 16-94)… egomaniac and Gilbert and Sullivan fan. This man of stone has still been known, however, to feel the tender stirrings of love, whenever a mirror is found.

Samuel- James Knowles
James (Knowles, as there seems to be too many to count this time round!) has spent the last year making the most of his life expanding his horizons literally, metaphorically, spiritually and chemically. This mainly consisted of several hours pursuing fast-moving vehicles and and out-staring posters. James is very happy with the development of the current G&S performance, especially as it has reduced his community sentence by half…

Frederic- Matt Ferguson
Matt has been preparing for his role by standing in the shower singing. This is so he can learn his songs, and also how to be a complete drip.

Sergeant of Police- James Duckworth
Accidentally delivered in 1986, James has managed to imbibe sufficient dramatic skill to pass himself off as a trained thespian, and has been stealthily acting his way through a series of murky theatrical productions. Currently residing in a Lake District hovel (when not "acting" or "singing"), James wants the finest wines available to humanity, and he wants them now.

Mabel- Emma Bradley
Having escaped the clutches of a sax-playing penguin of the fifth dimension, Emma hoped to retire to a peaceful life on a tropical island. Instead she was blown off-course by a renegade North Sea hurricane and ended up stranded in York, where she decided to take up a job as a mime. Being just too bubbly for mimehod, she was lured into the G&S Society with promises that she wouldn't be persecuted for her melodious bellowing.

Edith- Julia Weatherley
Julia studied at the Junior Royal Academy of Music before starting her music degree at the University of York. Past solo performances include singing on BBC rafio, being the lead role in the filming of the American opera "The Face on the Bar-Room Floor" and recital performances at the Irish Embassy and London Fashion Week. Future solo performances include a concerto with the University of York Symphony Orchestra.

Kate- Lauren Mathews
Lauren discovered her diva personality at the tender age of six when she appeared on stage as a very cute fox cub. She has since combined a successful stage career with her covert ambition to become society Femme Fatale. Known for her sophisticated demeanour, Lauren delights in the company of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, all of whom she considers to be absolutely fantastic… especially the men.

Isabel- Frankie Thomas
Having directed last year's show Patience, Frankie is back on the stage for her fifth show with the society. She combines the role with keeping the society running smoothly as the highly efficient secretary.

Ruth- Fiona Constantine
Fiona's ambition is to stand on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in a Union Jack dress and sing Rule Britannia. While waiting for that to happen, she is working for the gevernment, trying to prevent cows going mad.

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