The Pirates of Penzance 2000

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 28th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 17th-19th February 2000.

The chair was Tim Towers.




Ollie Nash

Musical Director
Alison Duncan


Major-General Stanley – Paul Sammut
The Pirate King – David York
Samuel – Tom Indge
Frederic – Tim Towers
Sergeant of Police – Tom Paine
Mabel – Kirstie Smallman
Edith – Louise Pullen
Kate – Katherine Elliott
Isabel –
Ruth – Sonja Greenhow

Major-General Stanley's Daughters
Claire Allen
Eleanor Course
Jo Dimmock
Caz Gillman
Jane DeGruchy
Katy Harrison
Gillian Howard
Tabitha King
Joy Ruff
Donna Sams
Helen Shepherd
Jenny Simon
Emily Smyth
Emma Stamper
Julia Straw

Chorus of Pirates and Police
Andrew Cowley
Adam Iley
Douglas Johnson
Jesper Phillips
Michael Prior-Hones
Peter Rodger
Nicholas Temperley
David Tropman
Peter Tylor


Violin- Laura Vickery (leader), Nicholas Franklin, Emma Robertson, James Turner, Elizabeth White
Violas- Rachel Phang, Wong Yoon Foong
Cellos- Hugh Parker, Shirley Roberts
Oboes- Charlotte Ashby, Vicky Snell, Nicola Wood
Clarinets- Sarah Jackson, Hannah Williams
Flutes- Nathan Blundy, Simon Taylor
Piccolo- Alison Nairn
Trumpets- Rob Abba, Hugh Sutherland
Trombones- Andreas Heinemeyer, Toby Whiffin
Horns- Jo Hodges, Heather MacLaren
Percussion- Chris Bluemel

Production Team

Production Manager/ Lighting Design- Peter Mendham
Choreographers- Claire Allen and Jo Dimmock
Assistant Production Manager- Simon Thompson
Sound Engineer- Ollie Nash
Set Design- Peter Mendham & Ollie Nash
Stage Manager- Nicole Devarenne
Lighting Crew- Peter Mendham, Simon Thompson, Stephen Cox
Repetiteur- Mark Swinton
Rehearsal Pianist- Filippo Nereo
Set Builders- Peter Mendham, Simon Thompson, Ollie Nash, Jonathan Draper and members of the cast.


President- Thomas Round
Vice-President- Bruce Walton
Honorary Vice-President- Frank Banks

Chairman- Tim Towers
Secretary- Jane Bird
Treasurer- Lorraine Reese
Press & Publicity Officers- Katherine Elliott, Helen Shepherd
Costumes- Louise Pullen
Front of House & Assistant Treasurer- Hugh Parker
Charities Officer- Kirstie Smallman
Music Librarian- Jo Dimmock
Room Bookings Officer- David Tropman

Extended Programme

Director- Ollie Nash
This is Ollie's seventh show with the Society. Until now he has hidden in the relative safety of the technical side and his previous roles have included: Detached hand on Gondola, confetti dropper and curtain operative (Gondoliers 95), Organ repairer (Ruddigore 96), Black wood re-attacher and latticework-maker (Mikado 97), Steps-makes and rigger (Pinafore 98), Cow-finisher and stress reliever (Patience 99), too much to list here… (Chess 99).

Musical Director- Alison Duncan
Alison is a 2nd year history student who, never really having heard of Gilbert and Sullivan before coming to York, turned up once and thought it was a good laugh. Now somehow finding herself conducting it she realises her fundamental mistake, but it's all to late now… Alison started off in the society as Lady Angela in last year's production of Patience, and went on to musically direct the summer show Chess. She has previously only ever directed a small chamber choir, but has done lots and lots of singing and playing the viola.

Production Manager- Peter Mendham
Peter is a very difficult man to track down, hence someone else has had to write this. The reason for this is that he always has at least four shows on the go at the same time. He is part actor, part director, part techie (but not necessarily in that order) and is currently the chair of Drama Society. He comes to the exalted role of Production Manager following last year's triumph as Stage Manager for "Patience".

Choreographers- Claire Allen and Jo Dimmock
Claire is a 2nd year biologist, she has been in productions of "Chess" and a bit of "A Chorus Line". Jo is a 2nd year history student and was in Patience last year and played Florence in "Chess". Neither of them has done any choreography before and know nothing whatsoever about G&S, and so they believed Ollie when he told them that there were only two dances: it was a big lie. But, they really enjoyed doing it and hope that it's fun to watch, even if it is a bit different from traditional G&S dances.


Samuel- Tom Indge
First-year Maths student Tom Indge is no stranger to G&S- indeed this is his second time with Pirates. Besides the all-singing, all-dancing routine, playing the piano is what he does best. Tom brings a more youthful edge that some of the more important lead roles perhaps wish they had!

The Police Sergeant- Tom Paine
Tom, a newcomer to the society, is widely accepted as the "give it to the max" man at all rehearsals. He shows admirable devotion to his art, only fractionally behind his life-long love for lager and ladies. Tom hopes the audience enjoys tonight's show and looks forward to meeting anyone (that's anyone) in his dressing room after the show.

Edith- Louise Pullen
Louise is very excited to have a part this year which doesn't have any scary high notes. Previous G&S solos which have involved these scary notes have included Ella in last year's production of Patience and Yum-Yum from The Mikado, with the scariest solo high note being sung in the Salzburg Festival.

Kate- Katherine Elliott
Katherine is a very stressed third-year History of Art student who likes to escape the manic land of G&S at least once a week to recover from reality (which is a health hazard and should be banned). When she is not prancing around stage being too intense she is prancing around at home being too intense!!! Katherine is an aspiring artist and will definitely sell paintings for large amounts after her death as all the best artists do!

Frederic- Tim Towers
This is Tim's third G&S show, so he clearly needs his head seeing to! Frederic is the only part that appeals to his sense of ego, so you'll see much of him from the stage!

Mabel- Kirstie Smallman
Having been raised with all the MGM musicals- thanks to family tradition- and G&S operettas, Kirstie naturally gravitates to the stuff. She enormously enjoys the "witty songs and lively music" of G&S, and feels very privileged to be able to share these with you.

The Pirate King- David York
"Why, why, why… I don't have time!" has been heard said by David a lot recently, as he realises he should be finishing his PhD rather than practising to be piratical.

Ruth- Sonja Greenhow
Sonja returns to G&S as a pseudo-alto after many years of singing soprano. During the day she studies a Medieval Master of Arts degree at King's Manor. She has experience of many shows and pantomimes as a man- Sonja says: "it's going to be great to wear a dress for a change, and I'm looking forward to being magically aged by twenty-five years via make-up…"

Major-General Stanley- Paul Sammut
After numerous musical ventures into the realms of funk, punk and barbershop, Gilbert & Sullivan was the logical next step, particularly given Paul's fetish for oversized moustaches and antiquated military uniforms.

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