Patience 1991

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Patience was the 19th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 14th-16th February 1991. Tickets were £3.50 and £3, or £2.50 and £2 for concessions.

The chair was Kate Currey.




James Geldard

Musical Director
John Hargreaves


Colonel Calverley - James Zlychevski
Major Murgatroyd - Chris Taylor
The Duke of Dunstable - Alastair Anderson
Reginald Bunthorne - Howard Branch
Archibald Grosvenor - Hugh Sorrill
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor- Alison Hulford
The Lady Angela - Miranda Park
The Lady Saphir - Barbara Logan
The Lady Ella - Julie Winkless
The Lady Jane - Kate Currey
Patience - Rain Wormald

Female Chorus
Jan Addison
Liz Allen
Karen Atkinson
Sarah Bacon
Lynne Charnley
Sally Deeming
Margaret Frisby
Christine Harland
Anna Ho
Jessa Marshall
Anne McDonald
Charlotte Moodie
Kathryn O'Mahoney
Lesley Parkinson
Vanessa Potter
Heidi Ronfeldt
Liz Southgate
Eleanor Smith
Rachel Stewart
Helen Secker
Jo Tyszka
Beverley Webster

Male Chorus
Edward Andrews
Doug Baillie
Chris Bell
Christopher Brennan
Mark Broomfield
Laurence Cole
Nick Cook
Tom Duffy
Don Goodeve
Daniel Jenkins
Alistair Jolliffe
Jeremy Lowe
Simon Mann
Mike Nash
John Osgun
Duncan Robson
John Sheppard
Bruce Walton

Production Team

Production Manager- Toby Long-Leather
Assistant Production Manager- Martin Miles
Stage Manager- Deborah Bowers
Assistant Stage Manager- Kanwardeep Narula
Set Construction- Peter Sharp
Lighting Engineer- Martin Atkins
Lighting Assistants- Rupert Hoare, Joe Short
Sound Engineer- Colin Bradford
Sound Assistant- "Raggy" Barclay
Scenery Artist- Joe Short
Properties- Caroline Dollings
Set Design- James Geldard
Photography- Dave Matz
Programme and Publicity- Deborah Bowers, Kanwardeep Narula
Programme Typesetting- Tom Duffy, Toby Harding
Make-Up- Jo Shingler
Stage Crew- Kanwardeep Narula, Tom Duffy, Caroline Dollings, Toby Winchester, Mark Broomfield, Charlotte Moodie, Nick Cook, Deborah Bowers, Jon Curtis
Front of House- Jessa Marshall, Patrick Couzens, Alison Duncum, Toby Long-Leather, Ruth Mason, Matthew Read, Fiona Trewick
Poster Design- James Geldard
Costume Design- Rachel Stewart
Orchestra- The VanBar Ensemble


President - Michael Green
Vice-President - Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chairperson - Kate Currey
Secretary - Alison Hulford
Treasurer - Jeremy Lowe
Press & Publicity - Daisy Narula, Deborah Bowers
Room Bookings - Christopher Brennan
Charities - Margaret Frisby
Music - Kath O'Mahoney
Front of House - Jessa Marshall
Costumes - Rachel Stewart


I cannot tell what this love may be

Extended Programme

Director's Note

"Its subject is the craze of a single winter," wrote one critic in 1881, having seen Gilbert and Sullivan's latest work. Following the simple and robust homour of "The Pirates of Penzance" (1879), "Patience" seemes too topical and slight to last.1 Even the librettist thought its chances of survival were slim. However, 110 years on, in between writing essays, drinking coffee, searching for careers, and doing the 1001 other things required of the student, we've been rehearsing hard with the hope of proving Gilbert wrong.

Patience originally ran for 578 performances- second only to The Mikado- and marks the development of a more satirical humour in the Savoy Operas. Despite that, and some splendidly catchy tunes, it hasn't been performed by us since 1978, when some of today's cast were honing their dramatic skills in infant school. After 13 years we thought it was overdue an airing. So, on behalf of all those who have devoted their time, energy and talent to the production of "Patience" (many thanks to them all), I very much hope you'll enjoy this unusual aesthetic opera.

James Geldard
By a curious coincidence, James, like the Musical Director, was born in Blackburn. However, he grew up in Leicester, and in 1989 graduated from the English Department at York, where he is now a postgraduate student. With the society he has appeared in "Iolanthe", "The Gondoliers", "The Zoo", "The Mikado" and "Pirates". His interests range from Brahms to Laurel and Hardy, and from painting to cricket, at which he plays for the university.

Musical Director's Note

My earliest memories recollect a time when, as a boy of three, my father used to take me into the front room, where we would perform "The Pirates of Penzance". Occasionally my younger sister would join us, and many a happy house was shared; swapping roles and costumes and so on. My father is now seeking medical help, and I ended up at university.

Anyway, to "Patience", one of the funniest of Gilbert's librettos. This operetta has been most enjoyable to rehearse. Much work and dedication (in front of and behind the scenes) has been thrown (literally -Ed.) into the last three months.

Apart from this, there's not much to tell, except enjoy the show.

John Hargreaves
Born at an early age in Blackburn, Lancashire, John achieved his ambitions by becoming a second-year music student. Apart from performing music, John enjoys eating Smarties and growing facial hair.

Lynda Richardson- Repetiteur
Lynda, last year's MD and one of the society's junkies has been desperately trying to leave her dubious G&S past behind her. She graduated from the Music Department last year and is now working in York for British Rail. This means that, luckily, we can still enjoy the benefit of her juggling and her untiring tinkling on the piano!


Colonel Calverley- James Zlychevski
James turned up to auditions a litle tipsy and was, to say the least, somewhat surprised with his casting, considering the experience he's had in musicals. However, he is no stranger to the stage and is currently involved in producing his own play on campus. His other claims to fame include membership of RADA and being sighted in the library wearing dungarees.

Major Murgatroyd- Chris Taylor
After being knocked about and scoffed at by the leather-clad Pirate King in last year's production, Chris has now abandoned his unhappy lot for the flanellette and rough hessian undergarments of the Queen's Heavy Dragoons. From here, who knows what heights he will achieve musically? The donning of a pair of Pavarotti's Y-fronts as the Mikado's kimono perhaps? His ambition knows no grounds!!!

The Duke of Dunstable- Alastair Anderson
Alastair is a second-year History student with experience (in what we're not quite sure -Ed.) His interests include hats, leather and the love of his life, rock and blues music, with which he has been known to flirt vocally. Although "Patience" contains none of the above, he is grateful for being given this opportunity to increase his aforementioned knowledge.

Reginald Bunthorne- Howard Branch
Howard Branch is a 3rd-year undergraduate studying music. He concentrates on singing and playing Renaissance music. Although he has performed often in concerts, he has rarely sung in shows and never before in G&S. He auditioned for Bunthorne hoping that with Gilbert's profound understanding of women, he could find the secret gateway to feminine adoration.

Archibald Grosvenor- Hugh Sorrill
Hugh is a first-year megalomaniac studying French and Linguistics. He is having a great time here at York, but please don't tell his tutor. He has a passion for good food and good wine but promises to go on a diet tomorrow. Born and educated, he intends to try and make some money in Operaland, and is taught by Mike de Costa (Hi Mike! -Ed.)

Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor- Alison Hulford

The Lady Angela- Miranda Park
Hello darling, I'm so delighted you could make it to this little performance of ours. My name is Miranda Chalmers-Park, and I'm currently studying Music at this venerable institute. I've appeared once or twice in other productions- a disgustingly ugly witch in "Dido and Aeneas" (a lot of make-up was required, needless to say) and a prostitute in "The Big Bang" (well the less said about that, the better). I was honoured to be asked to sing this role, since last year they only let me sit in the orchestra; "Ah Miserie!".

The Lady Saphir- Barbara Logan
Barbara is a second-year political scientist from North London who gets rather annoyed at anyone calling her politics student. (Gulp -Ed.) Previous theatrical experience includes chorus in "Trial" and "Pirates", Angie in "Follow The Star" and generally monopolising the stage at Guides. She decided to audition because her name got missed off last year's programme and she was determined not to let that happen this time!

The Lady Ella- Julie Winkless
I am a 3rd-year mathematician from Kirkby Muxloe which, despite what people may tell you, is neither North nor South. Previous experience of the (amazing) society includes chorus parts in "The Mikado" and "Pirates", and overdosing on large quantities of coffee during the 24-hour sponsored sing. My first public appearance was in a family group at the tender age of seven, singing a French song which I didn't understand. Apart from singing, my likes include cats, being esoteric, and walking at high speed.

The Lady Jane- Kate Currey
Hate (a Devonian) is a third-year historian/ art historian. Like Jane, her alter ego, she is "stouter than she used to be" due to the strain of finals! Her past performances for the society include a not-so-little maid in "The Mikado" and a member of the female chorus in "Pirates". Kate's career with the society does not end there, last year she was a lowly member of the committee and has since risen to the dizzy heights (and dubious honour? -Ed.) of Chairperson.

Patience- Rain Wormald
Rain, a first-year biology undergraduate, has appeared in previous Gilbert and Sullivan operettas (including a performance as Josephine, in HMS Pinafore). However, she has found the role of 'half-baked' Patience the closest to type-casting yet, as she too has not yet discovered the distinction between love and insanity.



Scenery, Lighting and Props- £321.73
Costume & Make-Up- £578.03
Press & Publicity- £106.00
Programme Printing- £327.00
Ticket Printing- £114.00
Portering- £664.00
Orchestra- £330.00
Hire of Orchestral Scores- £200.00
Refreshment Purchases- £261.10
Production Sweatshirts- £684.00
Insurance- £104.09
Charities- £16.85
Photography- £30.00
Presents- £40.00
Flowers- £47.00
Total- £3823.80


Programme Advertising- £75.00
Programme Sales- £275.00
Ticket Sales- £2461.00
Refreshment Sales- £284.90
Sweatshirt Sales- £684.90
V.C.'s Fund- £150.00
Sponsorship- £250.00
Total- £4180.80

Net profit of £357.00

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