Patience 2006

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Patience was the 34th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 16th-18th Febraury 2006. Tickets were £8 for adults and £5 for concessions.

The chair was J. Mark Pim.




Leah Duffield
Frankie Thomas

Musical Director
Matthew Collins

Assistant Musical Director
Robbie Berryman

Technical Director
Peter Harbottle


Colonel Calverley- J. Mark Pim
Major Murgatroyd- Michael Slater
Lieutenant the Duke of Dunstable- Chris Charlton
Reginald Bunthorne- Andy Lawson
Archibald Grosvenor- Alan Stewart
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor- James E. Butterworth
Lady Angela- Lauren Mathews
Lady Saphir- Sarah Clarke
Lady Ella- Aly Challoner
Lady Jane- Fiona Constantine
Patience- Laura McCrea

Sarah Case
Emma Chanley
Lois Cross
Clare Greener
Lindsey Jones
Karrie Liu
Margarita Lopez
Helen Roberts

James Armstrong
Matthew Ferguson
James Knowles
Nick Lay
Matthew Lucass
Thomas Newby
Stuart Roberts
Bill Ruddock


Violin- Michelle Garner, Harry Lund, Oliver Platt, Jen Wolfson
Viola- Jules Mock
Cello- Emily Kozien, Christine Lees, Rebecca Scourse
Flute- Davd Hiley, Jenny Shields
Oboe- Esther Danks
Clarinet- Penelop Wilson, Jennfer Paley
Bassoon- Richard Byrne-Smith
French Horn- Gavin Whitworth
Trumpet- Robbie Berryman, Tom Keene
Trombone- Daryl Rayner
Percussion- Philip McPhee

Production Team

Technical Director/ Sound- Peter Harbottle
Stage Manager- Chris Armstrong
Assistant Stage Manager- Anna Taylor
Lighting Manager- Steven Day
Follow-spot operators- Daisy Davies, Brett Wakley
Production Manager- Andy Vick
Front of House Manager- Siobhan Barrass
Stage Crew- Iain Dempsey
Stage Consultant- Max Weitzmann
Set- Frankie Thomas, Matt Ferguson, Peter Harbottle, Nick Lay, Leah Duffield, James Knowles, Carol Backhouse, Thomas Newby, Stuart Roberts, Bill Ruddock
Costumes- Leah Duffield, Aly Challoner, Frankie Thomas, Lauren Mathews, Laura McCrea, Helen Roberts


Chair- J. Mark Pim
Secretary- James E. Butterworth
Treasurer- Andy Lawson
Press and Publicity- Chris Armstrong, Fiona Constantine, Alan Stewart
Ordinary Members- Siobhan Barrass, Lois Cross, Laura McCrea, Stuart Roberts


It's clear that mediaeval art

Director's Note

A huge welcome to all who have braved the quagmire of campus to see our show in the rocket ship that is Central Hall! Directing this production has been extremely stressful, manic and complex. Our lives have become filled with aesthetic poetry and we have been driven insane by the catchy motifs that permeate the music.

However, it has been more than worth the effort, and hopefully you will enjoy the random and predictable joy that Gilbert and Sullivan brings. Although we are the only non-auditioning society on campus, our cast are exceptionally talented and have worked non-stop to produce this feast of the arts for your delectation. Due to the immense simplicity of the plot, it matters not whether you are a Gilbert and Sullivan fan or a mere passer-by who was drawn in by the warmth of the hall in these dreary days. Our humble aim is merely to entertain you with soaring singing, nimble dancing and extravagant acting.

So sit back, relax and enjoy…

Trees and flowers,

Frankie, Leah, Matt and Pete.

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