Ordinary Members

The job of ordinary member is one of the most wide ranging on committee. They may be asked to help with anything that another member is doing from photocopying to postering. Many of these jobs are absolutely essential to the smooth running of the society and the productions. However there are some major jobs that fall within the role, it may be the case that individual ordinary members take the responsibility of one of these aspects throughout the whole year.

Room Booking

See separate page.


Photocopying is lots of fun. Which is good, because there's lots of it. Whether it's letters for P&P, the Treasurer's budget or numerous sheets of music for Concerts, it's got to be done and generally it's an ordinary member who does it!

However, before you start copying music for a concert, check the list (Music Library) of what we already have. There's no point wasting money photocopying something we already have 20 copies of! If we don't, or need more, copy from our own scores or the ones in the library.

Photocopying is best done at the library (6p a copy) at short notice, but if you have time then a trip into town or anywhere else with slightly cheaper copies is preferable from the Treasurer's point of view! If there's a lot, as there often is for the concerts/summer show, then obviously whatever is more convenient is fine. With big photocopy jobs it's best if more than one ordinary member does it - get a production line going! One request for copying from scores is that two page spreads be reduced to 1 sheet of A4 (landscape) - halving the cost.

Whatever is spent on copying is reimbursed by the society - get a receipt where possible then talk to the Treasurer.


Socials, like photocopying, are FUN. This time, with a capital F-U-N. This is when everybody can get together after a rehearsal and just chill out, have a laugh and something to eat and drink.

Dates for socials will be proposed in committee meetings, and once dates are settled you will need themes and somewhere to hold said social. In the past we used Langwith Upper JCR, but due to recent changes to the JCR we have relocated to Derwent JCR.

Booking said JCR is a bit of a faff, whichever ordinary member gets to book it should be prepared to spend a while doing so. You need to go upstairs in Derwent to see the College Administrator (Chris Unwin) and make sure it isn't already booked. If not - great. She'll give you a booking form, and then the fun begins. You now need a grand total of 4 signatures to book the JCR - the college administrator's (she may sign it first, else she'll be last!), the JCR chair or vice chair, the head porter at Langwith and the Facilities Manager. And you need them in roughly that order - just make sure you get the Facilities Manager last or he'll moan. The JCR chair or vice chair can be tracked down by asking a porter (or by Facebook stalking them!). If you can't find a time to meet them, then leave the form at the porter's lodge and email the person in question requesting 5 minutes of their time to pop down and sign it for us. The Facilities Manager lives through a door on the other side of the bushes by Derwent Bar (Langwith side). Just ask a porter!

After all the signatures are done, take it back to Chris and she will copy it for you, and that's it! Keep the copy in case there's people to throw out on the night, and that's job done….

….Almost! Socials often need themes. In the past we've had things like a Pudding Social (bring cake and drink and have fun! .. maybe even a game or two, or even a quiz), a Games Social (Port and Starboard, LaurenW's favourite game! Also the Chocolate Game goes down well) and some trips into town in costume - dressed as Superheroes and Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll! Themes are discussed and decided in committee meetings.

Other jobs

Ordinary members may find themselves helping out other committee members, such as P&P, or doing jobs like investigating possible venues or sources of music, sorting and tidying cupboards, chasing elusive members of uni admin to persuade them to help us, and generally doing the dozens of random jobs that need doing to make the show go smoothly. Occassionally there may be other jobs, like organising the 35th Anniversary celebrations! And, like all the committee, generally setting a good example in terms of attending rehearsals and other events, helping tidy up afterwards and being friendly to new people.

Although this is more my opinion that strictly part of the job description, Ordinary Members often also represent the "ordinary" members of the society- making new people welcome, ensuring that the views of everyone, not just the principals or directors, are taken into account and that everyone knows what's going on and is happy.

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