Online Sales

We have plans to sell several things on the website, but have come up against a significant problem: How do we process payment?

The available options for selling stuff are:

  • Company manufactures items and accepts payment directly, and sends us our profit as a cheque
    • This is how works
    • This is how TicketSource works
  • Company manufactures items, and sends us an invoice
    • This is how Magellan would work for DVD sales
    • Also a general model for selling merchandise

In the latter case, we would have to process the order ourselves.


We can't have a paypal account ourselves for several reasons, mainly involving auditing the accounts.

  • CHMS are selling tickets and getting Goodricke JCRC to handle payments - I assume they have their own bank account.
  • YUSU could have a PayPal account associated with their bank account, and add email addresses for each society as recognised paypal recipients.

The second solution is preferred, since it seems like a more direct solution, and reduces the complications of going through a JCRC. Plus, once it's up and working, it could be useful for other societies in the future (CHMS for example). How agreeable YUSU would be to this idea I don't know.


A competitor to paypal, MoneyBookers allow you to receive money by cheque, thus getting around the issue of needing a bank account. Mike has opened an account and will investigate further.

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