One G and S Song To The Tune Of Another

This was a concept that began life (so far as we were concerned) at the 48 Hour Gondoliers weekend in 2006. It's based on the I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue game of similar name, in that you try to find two songs where the words of one go to the tune of the other.

Perhaps the classic of this genre is "I am the very model of a modern major general" (Pirates) to the tune of the Matter Patter ("My eyes are fully open"- Ruddigore).

Other notable examples include:
"Pour oh pour the pirate sherry" (Pirates) to "When a merry maiden marries" (Gondoliers).
"On a tree by a river" (Mikado) to "When the night wind howls"

Examples of a G&S song to the tune of a non G&S song (or the reverse) include:
"Painted emblems of a race" (Ruddigore) to "Ode to joy"
"Oh better far to live and die" (Pirates) to "In the jungle/ Wimbawey"
"Take Care" (Jerry Springer the Opera) to "When the Foeman bears his steel" (Pirates)

Christmassy examples include:
"Pour oh pour the pirate sherry" (Pirates) to "Once in Royal David's city"
"When a merry maiden marries" (Gondoliers) to "Hark the herald angels sing"

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