Musical Director

The musical director for a main show has various responsibilities.

These boil down to:

  • Training the chorus
  • Finding and training the orchestra
  • Training the principals
  • Conducting the main show

Training the chorus

The musical director takes all rehearsals in the autumn/winter term, and is responsible for planning rehearsal schedules and sending emails about these rehearsals. In the spring term, the artisctic directors take over, and duties become more conducting-based, as scores should not be in use.

Finding a repetiteur (pianist) is down to the MD also - it is highly recommended, even if you are a more than competant pianist, as concentrating on the singing is the most important thing.

Finding and training the orchestra

Finding an orchestra can be a tricky process. The best way is a combination of YUSU Fair, the previous year's orchestra and other contacts. Rehearse them as often as needed.

Orchestral parts can be obtained from Mike Harris (contactable through MUGGS) for £60 plus P&P.

Training the principals

Principal training does tend to depend on who you cast. Musical director sits on the audition panel, and helps to choose the principals. Rehearsals usually take place on a Tuesday night, and those will be a mixture of music and dialogue, usually agreed first with the artistic directors.

Conducting the main show

Well, speaks for itself really. The MD needs to be available all of show week to conduct both orchestra and chorus and principals. Adrenaline will be at a high.

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