Morven Hamilton

The marvellous Morven joined the society for The Pirates of Penzance 2007. After many threats to her boots, Morven's first words to her dancing partner for that show were, "Just to warn you, I don't know my left from my right"! Hovever, she has shown us that that being generally confused as a way of life is not to be well, confused with incompetence.

After playing Janet (damnit) in the Rocky Horror section of Kaleidoshow Morven tried to escape the endless cries of "slut" or "she's always wet" by playing the part of seemingly innocent professional bridesmaid Ruth in Ruddigore. It seems to have worked, and the girl who doesn't know left from right directed and choreographed the 2008 summer show.

Morven then took on the role of co-director for The Mikado and did a smashing job. She was backstage for Sorcerer 10, in the chorus for Gondoliers 11 and became Chair, wrote and directed Panorama The Musical, and will play a citizen in Yeomen 12.

Member: 2007-2014

Committee Positions:

2007-08: Press & Publicity
2008-09: Ordinary Member
2009-10: Press & Publicity
2011-12: Chair
2012-13: Press & Publicity
2013-14: Press & Publicity

Directorial Positions:

2009: AD, The Mikado
2011: AD, Panorama: The Musical
2014: AD, Iolanthe


2007: Chorus, The Pirates of Penzance
2007: Company, Kaleidoshow
2008: Ruth, Ruddigore
2008: Buttercup, 48hr HMS Pinafore
2009: Company, You Can't Stop The Beat
2010: Assistant Stage Manager, The Sorcerer
2011: Chorus, The Gondoliers
2011: Iolanthe, 48hr Iolanthe
2012: 1st Citizen, The Yeomen of the Guard
2012: Katisha, The Mikado
2012: Lady Angela, 48hr Patience
2013: Ruth, The Pirates of Penzance


The Yeomen of the Guard (2012): Lifetime Achievement Award

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