The Mikado 1997

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The Mikado was the 25th show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 13th-15th February, 1997. Tickets were £6.50 and £5.50 (£4 and £3 for concessions).

The chair was Mhairi Sheail.




Val Sim

Musical Director
Toby Sharp


The Mikado- Andy Gledhill
Nanki-Poo- Ashley Wilson
Ko-Ko- Robert Nightingale
Pooh-Bah- David Bignell
Pish-Tush- Philip Bloomfield
Yum-Yum- Carole Carpenter
Pitti-Sing- Jessa Marshall
Peep-Bo- Becky Stokes
Katisha- Berry Hopkins

Chorus of Schoolgirls
Liz Ashby
Liz Bellamy
Fiona Bolam
Helen Clark
Rachel Cordell
Cal Dollings
Alexis Duckworth
Ruth Elleson
Sonja Greenhow
Carrie Jamieson
Hannah Judson
Christine Potter
Mhairi Sheail
Maria Thompson
Pippa Wills
Jo Dubé

Chorus of Nobles
John Bradly
Allan Denney
John Morgan
Simon Offord
Marcus Steele
Rob Stephenson
Simon Thompson


Leader- David Hodgson
Violin 1- Emily Middleton
Violin 2- Margaret Sawyer, Caroline Berger
Viola- Gemma Stretton, Alex Dottreige
Cello- Emma Creasey
Double Bass- Kate Bishop
Flute- Alison Nairn, Katherine Stevens, Lucy Bailey
Oboe- Laura Parkin
Clarinet- Andrew Potts, Cathering McKiernan
Bassoon- Ruth David
Horn- Dan Loveday, Heather Maclaren
Trumpet- Jonathan Dumville, Chris Kilner
Trombone- David York, Dominic Dumville
Percussion- Sarah Smith

Repetiteur - Michelle Grierson

Production Team

Production Managers- Stephen Cox, Ollie Nash
Lighting- Stephen Cox, David Pumfrey, Martin Atkins
Sound- Ollie Nash
Set Building- Stephen Cox, Ollie Nash, Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell, Abi Robertson
Stage Manager- Abi Robertson
Stage Crew- Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell, Mandy Pullan and others
Properties- Liz Ashby and helpers
Make-up- Donna Sharp


President- Eric Brick
Vice-President- Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President- Frank Banks

Chair- Mhairi Sheail
Secretary- Helen Clark
Treasurer- Jo Dubé
P&P- Cal Dollings, Pippa Wills
Charities- Berry Hopkins
Front of House- Robert Nightingale
Music Librarian- Liz Ashby
Room Bookings- Hannah Judson


Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted

Extended Programme

Director- Val Sim
After a wee taster at directing Ruddigore as Martin’s practice mistress, Valerie was in the mood for more. Twelve months of sleepless nights later, she’s not in the mood for any more!

Having spent the first 26 years of her life on the stage, this year she misses it- so watch out for her and wig back next year.

She spends her spare time as an accountant and hooker (of the rugby variety)- but finds this much more fun.

Finally, Valerie would like to thank York University Gilbert & Sullivan Society for making the last four Valentine’s days a big love-in!

Musical Director- Toby Sharp
Toby was a reluctant G&S member who converted afte playing The Duke of Plaza-Toro in the Society’s 1995 production of “The Gondoliers” (he also appeared as a ghost in last year’s production of “Ruddigore”). Since then Toby has graduated with a degree in Maths and now works as a software engineer in Scarborough.

His first instrument is the piano which he has played for 18 years- he can occasionally be seen performing in public as a jazz pianist. This year he decided to take on a fresh challenge as musical director and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Repetiteur- Michelle Grierson

The Chair Whites…

Hello, and welcome to the 25th Anniversary production of the University of York Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

The past year has been, as usual, fairly hectic, especially with summer term concerts at Osbaldwick, St. Lawrence and St. Michael-le-Belfrey churches (the last one as a joint venture with the University Glee Club). Our autumn term concert in Goole Parish Church was postponed and will now take place in three weeks’ time, Saturday 8th March at 7:30pm.

Next term, to celebrate our Silver Anniversary, we are holding a society reunion. This is due to take place on 14th June and will be a chance for members, past and present, to sing some of their favourite G&S tunes. If all goes well the day will end with a concert and of course, equally important, a reunion party.

We hope you enjoy this year’s show, “The Mikado”. Congratulations and thank you to all involved for overcoming the various problems which have occurred during the year, and for your hard work and commitment. Thank you also to our audience, for their continued support of the Society- we couldn’t continue without it- here’s to another 25 years!

Dramatis Personae

The Mikado- Andy Gledhill
The University of York G&S Society proudly present the return of Ruddigore’s more evil baronet to Central Hall for “The Mikado”. Although Andy finds himself in his second G&S role, he maintains still to be far from the debauchery of the typical G&S junkie (no names, Phil). Andy has other experience too, but at what we’re not entirely sure, except for playing rugby and consuming indubitably copious amounts of Guinness. He is also known to have done several roles in non-G&S shows! While the committee frets, directors frustrate, repetiteurs hesitate and principals pontificate- this cool cucumber just IS.

Nanki-Poo- Ashley Wilson
This is Ashley’s 21st show with the Society since he first joined in 1975. Last time he sung Nanki-Poo was in the 1989 production when he was a somewhat more callow youth. Eight years later he gives you a more dignified, mature interpretation of the same character, rejecting all suggestions of playing Nanki’s dad or even his elder sister, Twankey.

Ko-Ko- Robert Nightingale
Robert’s previous stage incarnations include (all right, are) Robin in Ruddigore, Lord Mountararat in Iolanthe and Kevin the Environmental Health Officer in Snoring Beauty. He also writes songs, which are a kind of cross between Instant Sunshine and Hieronymous Bosch, and he and David Bignell are currently re-writing Goethe’s Faust as a musical comedy.

Pooh-Bah- David Bignell
“It was in the early 90’s that David took his first tentative steps in the road that was to lead to international stardom. Audiences that flocked to see his portrayal of the obesely lovable character Pooh-Bah could scarcely have believed that in seven years’ time he would be filling the living rooms, kitchens, bedroom and bathrooms of every house in every corner of the globe…” (Extract from his official biography “David Bignell- Man, Myth or Monster”, (c) Faber Press, 2006.)

Pish-Tush- Philip Bloomfield
Philip appears once again with the University of York Gilbert and Sullivan Society after his role last year as Sir Roderic in “Ruddigore”. Since then you may have seen him appearing as the Devil in Sullivan’s “The Beauty Stone” and the York Opera productions of “The Magic Flute” and “The Moon”. When not singing Philip is a high-powered executive in the retail business.

Yum-Yum- Carole Carpenter
After her recent comatose performance in the acclaimed satirical musical “Snoring Beauty”, Carole, a third-year English student, arose from her enchanted chamber to appear in “The Mikado” on the express assurance that the sponsorship deal arranged with Gossard Wonderbra would be sensitively and subtly handled. We’ll be hearing from her lawyers.

Pitti-Sing- Jessa Marshall
Jessa started her G&S career in the chorus of Pirates ’90 and has since been seen as alternate hyperactive chorus member, beefy alto and tarty mezzo. Delighted to be the latter in this production, she can also be seen at the York Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society production of “Me and My Girl” at the Theatre Royal, May 14-21. In her spare time Jessa is a primary school teacher and owner of an extensive Wonderbra collection.

Peep-Bo- Becky Stokes
Becky started her singing career at the tender age of 8. Since then she has soared to the prestigious heights of Mrs. Shem in ‘Noyes Flude’ and the servant in ‘Snoring Beauty’. In her spare time Becky is a third-year Psychology student. This year will be her last year with the Society as in the autumn she plans to go to London and study nursing.

Katisha- Berry Hopkins
Having been Musical Director for last year’s “Ruddigore”, Berry thought she might have a lot of spare time on her hands and so (rashly) agreed to take care of costumes for this show. The one good thing about this turns out to be that she has been in a position to opt out of wearing a silly wig. When not being evil and coveting someone else’s tenor, Berry is not a student at York, but earns a living instead.

Production Crew

Production Managers- Stephen Cox, Ollie Nash
After two years in the upper echelons of stage crew, Stephen and Ollie have decided that this is the year to plumb the depths of Senior Production Management. This comes on the back of their triumphs at last year’s show where Stephen demonstrated an affinity for left follow-spot and Ollie an affinity for exploding organs. Both are in their final year trying to study electronics and wish they could spend more time on their major projects, instead of painting pieces of wood.

Lighting- Stephen Cox, David Pumfrey, Martin Atkins
Sound- Ollie Nash
Set Building- Stephen Cox, Ollie Nash, Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell, Abi Robertson
Stage Manager- Abi Robertson
Stage Crew- Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell, Mandy Pullan and others
Properties- Liz Ashby and helpers
Make-up- Donna Sharp

Budget for “The Mikado” February 1997

Set/ lighting/ technical equipment etc. -£800
Portering charges- £750
Costumes- £450
Orchestra- £400
Press & Publicity- £300
Insurance- £200
Front of House- £150
Miscellaneous- £400
Total- £3450

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Accounts for 1997, including the show “The Mikado”


Set and Props

S. Cox- set- 36.84
S. Cox- wood- 149.93
Props- 50.00
S. Cox- set- 107.71
O. Nash- set- 175.85
S. Cox- various- 152.87
Props- 12.13
Batteries- 31.24
Microphones- 356.00
Total- 1072.57

Costumes and Make-Up

Make-up- 50.00
MD’s suit hire- 56.90
Shoes- 9.75
Fabric- 38.36
Fabric- 43.55
Shoes- 10.00
Shoes- 20.80
Homberg’s costumes- 193.88

Press and Publicity

Posters- 7.25
Ceilidh posters- 11.40
P&P- 14.94
Ceilidh flyers- 4.68
P&P- 14.94
Yorkshire Evening Press- 44.96
Mikado posters, etc.- 70.56
Mikado posters, etc.- 9.90
Programme prep- 37.19
Yorkshire Evening Press- 261.72
Fulprint (prog)- 283.53
Yorkshire EP- 105.75
Yorkshire EP- 105.75
Total- 971.27

Music and Orchestra

Berry- piano fees- 5.00
Michelle- piano fees- 5.00
Michelle- piano fees- 5.00
D’Oyly Carte scores- 105.00
Scores- 18.75
Michelle- piano fees- 5.00
Orchestra- 120.00
Tokens for orch- 250.00
Score deposit- 105.00
Postage- 11.01
Michelle- piano fees- 5.00
Photocopying- 7.88
Total- 702.64

Front of House

Ice-creams- 94.43
FoH- 6.90
Ice-creams- 21.15
Total- 122.48


Ruddigore videos- 204.00
Petty cash- 70.00
Wine- 16.83
Glee Club- lost scores- 54.65
Silverscreen- sweat/t-shirts- 124.00
FOGS stamps- 26.35
Ceilidh food- 17.82
Chair- various- 8.95
Float- 20.00
Insurance- 207.92
Camera- 100.00
Photographs- 8.49
Treasurer- various- 20.00
Crash food- 160.00
Float- 90.00
Tickets- 98.02
Float- 150.00
Glee Club- 84.00
Silverscreen- 150.98
Ruddigore videos- 120.00
Coach- 140.00
Presents- 125.48
Alcuin fees- 45.00
University fees- 491.13
Mikado videos- 556.28
Total- 3089.90


13/6/96- 24.00
28/6/96- 34.79
30/1/97 A&L- 1250.00 [Not included in income total as only a transfer of money]
31/1/97- 1st ceilidh- 178.00
31/1/97- Membership money- 55.00
31/1/97- Sweatshirts- 146.00
31/1/97- Burns’ night- 353.90
31/1/97- 406.00
13/2/97- Tickets- 309.00
14/2/97- Tickets- 576.40
19/2/97- 2141.00
25/2/97- 309.50
Vice Chancellor- 500.00
SU Shop tickets- 500.00
Returned score deposit- 105.00
Misc. 28.50
Total- 5673.09


Total Expenditure- £6382.10
Total Income- £5673.09
Loss- £709.01

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