The Mikado 2012

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The Mikado was chosen as 2012's Summer Show after the original directors of "Don't Stop Believin' - The 80s Cabaret" backed out, leaving The Mikado to be produced in just two weeks.



Artistic Director
Tom Bruggenwirth

Musical Director
Stijn Hanson


The Mikado - James Knowles
Nanki-Poo - Dan Stanford
Ko-Ko - Stuart Roberts
Pooh-Bah - Chris Charlton-Mathews
Pish-Tush - Thomas Newby
Pac-Man - Peter Estdale
Yum-Yum - Jenny Draper
Pitti-Sing - Hannah Tomlin
Peep-Bo - Lauren Charlton-Mathews
Katisha - Morven Hamilton

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