Megan Bryan

Megan Bryan first joined the society in 2006, when Christopher Lee was basically dead and she had nothing else better to do. (She protests that he's not dead, but we all know he is.) She doesn't know what we're writing now, but she's a fan of blueberry muffins. Megan is easily recognisable by her remarkable resemblance to Samara from The Ring - some members of the society are quite scared. Some of those people even live with her.

Megan became P&P Officer in 2007, and then rose to the exalted rank of Secretary in 2008, under the following remarkable circumstances.. We're sorry; this broadcast was briefly taken over by Megan's housemate, who knows a freakish amount of G&S and shall remain nameless. More than J. Mark Pim, perhaps, but more on that later.

Megan now demands that we stop 'taking over her page, man', because she is American, and that is how Americans talk. Man.

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