Mary Poppins

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Mary Poppins was performed in Langwith Dining Hall on the 14th-15th June 2003. Tickets, which were only open to University members, were £5 for staff and £4 for students.




Mary Poppins- Tor Steventon
Bert- Chris Charlton
Jane- Lizzie Whitebread
Michael- Stuart Gallagher
Mr. Banks- J. Mark Pim
Mrs. Banks- Rebecca Mellor
Ellen- Emily Price
Katie Nana- Kate Taylor
Dawes Snr.- Alex Gurney
Dawes Jnr.- Steven Purvis
Admiral Boom- Alex Mortlock
Mr. Binnacle- Frank Arnold
Constable- Nick Lay
Birdwoman- Karyl Toate
Mirror Mary- Joy Ruff
Biscuit Boys- Alex Holland, Nick Lay, Steven Purvis, Nick Temperley
Dancers- Caz Bennett, Barbara Cichon, Kate Hayes, Rachel Kent, Miju Kim, Claire Laughton


Frank Arnold, Caz Bennett, Charlotte Biddle, Helen Bourne, James Butterworth, Sian Dowson, Gill Faragher, Ellie Farrow, Alex Gurney, Kate Hayes, Alex Holland, Rachel Kent, Miju Kim, Nick Lay, Clare Lester, Claire Laughton, Michael Lorenz, Alex Mortlock, Emily Price, Steven Purvis, Gemma Rathbone, Katy Riley, Dave Rose, Joy Ruff, Charlotte Santry, Jenny Share, Kate Taylor, Nick Temperley, Linda Westwood, Cordelia Williams

Production Crew

Directors- Elli Course, Penny Grant
Musical Director- Chris O'Gorman
Orchestrator- Simon Green
Technical Director- Oliver Fisher
Lighting Manager- Andy Vick
Lighting Consultant- Simon Thompson
Stage Manager- Heidi Starling
Sound- Oliver Fisher
Crew- Richard Ablitt, David Baker, Keith McKillop, Vishal Patel
Set design and construction- Caz Bennett, Elli Course, Penny Grant, Jenny Share

Choreographer- Barabara Cichon
Poster and programme design- Rebecca Mellor, Emily Price

Mary's Band

Flute- Corinne, Ruth
Violin- Anna, Anna
Clarinet/ Saxophone- Jenny
Clarinet- Jeny
Kazoo- Simon

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