Lauren Wade

Lauren Wade thinks this is going to be funny if we write her a page on't Wiki. What she doesn't know is that we are going to mock her and her Yorkshire ways ruthlessly for as long as possible.

Lauren joined t'society in 2006 for t'Pirates of Penzance, and talked to some American girl a lot. Frankly, some of us resented this and chose not to speak to her until Ruddigore, when she was Zorah - t'silliest name in t'world - and apparently bossed some Scottish girl around a bit, but we all know that's not true, because no-one with t'name Zorah can boss anyone around. Fact.

Being a bit of a massive loser, Lauren then buggered off to France and t'Germany for a little t'while, and we all t'missed her so much that t'my Yorkshire t'accent seems t'have t'malfunctioned. T'fact. T'sorry.

Lauren now stewards for the society, and judges everyone for not knowing as much t'G&S as t'she does. T't'.

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